Real Estate Transfers

Greenport, NY 11944

Page 16

March/April  2002

(Date not the date of transfer.)





M. Adder to

Lorne Zingone

238 Fifth Ave



trans Mar 1-15

post June 4


(Tax map number problems, this is a good guess.)


Frank Field Realty to

Daniel Finne

217 Center St



trans Mar 3-15

post June 4



C & J Lalli to

 Iris Paulik

Oyster Point



trans Feb 16-28

post June 4


T. Mattimore (ref.) to

RB Credit



RB Credit to

Patrick McEvoy



409 Third St


trans Feb 16-28

post June 4


(This one could be incorrect. Tax map number and house number problems, this is a very good guess.

Two house belong to this photo.)


L. Staron to

Thomas Brand

439 Main St



tran Feb 26

post June 4





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