Editorial - Pump-out Faculties


As readers know it is not the practice of The Unofficial Village of Greenport Web Site to editorialize. We just report the facts whether they reflect poorly on local authorities, businesses and citizens or not. A recent editorial in The Suffolk Times has forced use to engage in the distasteful practice of editorializing.

The Suffolk Times placed the blame for a lack of pump-out facilities for boaters in Stirling Basin and Greenport Harbor on the Greenport Village Board and Mayor Hubbard. While ultimately they must share a lot of the blame the biggest offenders to clean water in Stirling Basin and Greenport Harbor belongs squarely on Safe Harbor Marinas, LLC and its Stirling Harbor Marina and Brewer Yacht Yard managers.

While the Village of Greenport pump-out boat may be temporarily down because of pump problems Mitchell Marina still provides the only readily accessible working dock mounted pump-out facility in the Greenport Harbor area.

A Green Paper on pump-out facilities produced by a local citizen can be found here: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ai3RE-Ira75IgRIXSbT80Jk-qmtr .The Green Paper details local boat pump-out facilities and lack thereof and appears to indicate the Stirling Harbor Marina and the Brewer Yacht Yard as being the worst offenders to local water quality. While we question the sanity of the author of the Green Paper the facts in the paper appear to be accurate.

The Stirling Harbor Marina/Brewer Yacht Yard pump-out boat. If is only available on weekdays and requires shore power to pump-out a holding tank.

Additional blame can be placed on the Town of Southold who provide no pump-out boat service in the Greenport area while collecting taxes from Stirling Harbor Marina and Brewer Yacht Yard.

A trip to Stirling Harbor Marina on any day will show a failed sewer system with settled sewage seeping to the top of the pavement in the parking lot.

The parking lot at Stirling Harbor Marina. Settled sewage constantly seeps up from the leaching field.

The Suffolk County Department of Health Services has also failed in this matter. Both the SHM and BYY have restaurants and failures of the sewage treatment systems at both of these locations should have been apparent to health inspectors. The restaurants should be shut down until sewage system problems at both of these facilities are corrected.

The Village sewer system was developed over time as individual home owners formed companies and dug sewer lines that emptied into Greenport Harbor. In the 1930s a depression era public works project made improvements to the Greenport sewage collection system and built a primary treatment plant off Moores Lane. The federal expenditure was justified because Greenport was an oyster aquaculture center. If you want to see where sewer lines discharged prior to the 1930s sewer system improvements just look for the sewage pump stations near the water on Main Street, Manor Place and Ludlam Place.

It appears we are traveling back in time.