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1 July 2016 Are You Ready for Summer? (Beta Version)




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Open your windows and enjoy the morning air. Just kidding, they would put water in the machine but it might freeze. "That's the way Southold Town does it."



Greenport's new favorite restaurant American Beech. American Beech throws the slop from floor washing on the street every morning. Doesn't the sidewalk in back of American Beech look nice? I want a reservation for an American Beech meal. They are presently in front of the Planning Board for more. The only problem this round is the two new Planning Board members have some backbone.



Greenport's favorite landlord sure keeps his places nice





Ah, the boardwalk between the ferry station and lower Main Street. Who places parking spaces to encumber pedestrians? The Village of Greenport, who else. Well parking is at a premium.





Well at a premium for every place but Greenport's east pier parking for Sag Harbor. Don't worry it will fill up by Saturday.






Guess Jeff Goubeaud took the hedge clippers with him when he went to Brewer's Yacht Yard for the summer. The workers have been searching for them in vain.




The mayor asked the fire department if the village could use their boat to patrol the harbor - just to try and see if it helped with speeding. They said they were not comfortable with the idea. Tied up on the visitor's dock ready for an emergency.



Mary Bess to the rescue. Don't tell anyone the Illusion placed the speed buoy it might start another avenue for attack by a gadfly or two.



The village painted the on-street parking spaces downtown. Not enough time to bother with the stop bars on First Street.

Highly unreliable sources say Trustee Swiskey is upset with the with the width of the parking outlines and will be giving the village board a piece of his mind at the July work session.


27-2-2016 Are You Ready for Summer


Don't worry it will fill up by Sunday.



Just like the marina - it will fill up by Saturday night

Thanks a lot Jeff for shafting the village after you were paid well. Don't worry we love you just as much before you quit with a month's notice.



The merry-go-round has three doors open and it is not brutally hot.

Well at least the misters work and the electricity is on.



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