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15 February 2018 Work Session (Version 0.5)


There were nine people and one reporter in the audience.


Fire Chief Miller reported.


Preparations are being made to epoxy coat the floor of the fire house.


Trustee Phillips asked about the frequent fire detection system alarms at Lakeside Garden Apartments.


The chief said the alarms get set off by someone in the shower or someone burning something on the stove. The residents themselves will sometimes reset the alarm.


Village Administrator Pallase reported.


A trip, the spring meeting of the American Association of Public Power


A new transformer has been installed for the distillery in the former marine supply building on Corwin Street.


Work is completed on the new cooling tower. Tests of engines using the new tower are ongoing.


Trustee Roberts asked what the pay proposed for a new building inspector was. He was told the salary was 50k. Roberts asked if the village offered more money they could get a building inspector sooner. The clerk explained  how civil service worked.


Pallase noted that the village has both a fire marshal and a code enforcement officer. The fire marshal is performing building inspector duties for the time being.


Roberts went off on a tantrum about the planning board and use evaluations for new businesses in commercial structures saying someone had complained to him that the process was overwhelming.


“We have to stop it”, “we should relax the procedure” bellowed Roberts.


(We were reminded of the recent news story about Bershire’s Charlie Munger complaining about govment regulation of Wells Fargo while he and Warren Buffet own a lot of the bank.)


Mayor Hubbard said the policies were to make the process easier. The requirement of a plan was necessary for safety issues when the fire marshal inspected units.


Roberts backed off a little saying we know we have to focus on safety.


Roberts suggested the village might set up a Customer Relationship Management tool, Sales Force was the only one he knew that has such a tool.


Maybe he is a stockholder.


Rich was said to be working out well managing the marina.



Deputy Treasurer Steve Gaffga reported.


A hearing date for the 2018-2019 budget will be set for 10 April.


Money may be coming in from the Suffolk County Water Quality Protection Program for road end grants.



Village Clerk Pirillo reported.


Steve Bull and the Historic Preservation Commission are working on a grant to redo the house inventory study that was done 20 years ago.


A special election will be held for a vote on extension of pension rights for fire department personnel. The election will be held in the summer when there are more people around.


A public hearing for work on the north ferry bulkhead. Because of the time to obtain a village permit only the ramps will be repaired this spring.


The village and skool will jointly open the gym during the winter skool break next week.


(We couldn’t keep up with the breaks as apparently there is more than one upcoming.)


Talk of an EESM schooner festival with the Mystic Whaler possibly attending.


Trustee Phillips said she would like to see the Sunday maritime festival open container law suspension be from 12-6 rather than the traditional 9 AM to 6 AM.


Phillips said they were making subtle changes to something that has been going on for years.


(A month ago both Hubbard and Phillips were talking tough about alcohol and partying during the maritime festival both saying they had received complaints. They have drastically changed their tune.)


The HEAP (heating assistant) program will have a benefits opening.



Attorney Prokoff reported.


Talk of merging lots.


A very brief report on the Village of Greenport vs. Genesys Engineering and Genesys Engineering vs. Village of Greenport. A talk session on Genesys vs. VofG is set for 21 February.


The Habitat for Humanities attorney that handles closings has been hard to get a hold of. He will not be available in the next two weeks.


Talk of changes to Chapter 4 Mass Assemblies of the village code.


Talk of the micro grid study which was an outgrowth of tropical storm Sandy.



Hubbard called on the trustees for reports.


Trustee Martillota had little to offer.


Roberts ran down his plans for One Greenport scheduled for 3 June.


Roberts went on to suggest a 25 MPH speed limit for the village.


It was pointed out that any change below 30 MPH had to be approved by the state legislature.


Roberts noted that the Village of Southampton had instituted a 25 MPH speed limit.


Hubbard pointed out that a speed limit without enforcement was meaningless.


Roberts went over statistics he had had his summer intern collect last summer on short term rentals.


There were 62 STR listing last July with an average cost of $300 per night. Some of the rentals advertised they could sleep 12 to 14 people.


Roberts would like to spend 60k for a housing study from the 1.2 million that would be received for the Shelter Island cable.


(A sorely needed new bulkhead for Mitchell Park has been estimated to cost 2 million.)


Trustee Robins, a real estate agent, shot back at Roberts saying people want to be part of the Greenport scene with a new article about how cool it is every week.


Robins said she did not think the village was going to be able to address the low income housing problem because of the present demand for vacation housing.


When you're right you’re right.


Phillips asked if there was an ability to address the long term rental issue with incentives to landlords.


Hubbard said reconstruction work on new housing purchases was a boon to local contractors no matter what the rental status was.


20 February 2018 - 5th Street and Wiggins Street - Mattituck


20 February 2018 - 5th Street - 772 exchange Shirley




Phillips went on about small cities grants but did not offer any proposals.


Phillips said the entrance to Stirling Harbor was shoaling up. Work on permits was started in 2012 by Holzmacher. She would like to complete the permit process and have a bid package ready.


The depth at low tide is now 9 to 11 feet. The “big blue boat” used to prop dredge the inlet just going in and out as it took 13 feet of water. Changes to the Atlantic fishers meant her husband’s vessel was no longer calling at Greenport.


20 February 2018 - Low Tide - Stirling Creek Entrance


Robins ran down the BID activity.



Hubbard said his report items had been covered already.


Phillips asked the village administrator if he had a plan for traffic impeded by the construction work at the southeast corner of Third and Front Streets.




Hubbard called on the audience for comments.