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21 September 2017 Work Session (Version 0.1)

The Night of the Long Knives



There were 18 people in the audience and one reporter.


(The first thing one had to ask oneself was, “What are all these people doing here”.)


Fire Chief Miller reported.


The FD would like to construct a sidewalk on the north side of the firehouse.


The houseman currently works 17.5 hours per week and the FD would like to be authorized for an occasional increase in hours for preparation for storms or cleanup duties after events.


Permission to remove Robert Lehman from the FD rolls.


The siren has been loud when it sounds in the middle of the night. People have complained. The siren will be silenced at night. A new encoder has been ordered.



Mayor Hubbard asked if there were any comments on the two open public hearings. Trustee Roberts said Chapter 150 had had some changes.


(That would be Chapter 103 Rental Law and Chapter 150 Zoning. You wouldn’t know that unless you looked it up.)



Village Administrator Pallas reported.


He would like to hire one dock hand for the marina.


Pallas and Trustee Robins will be going to the Fall NYAPP meeting.


The cell phone company Mobility would like to locate an antenna on top of a utility pole on First Street. The antenna would be 30” tall and handle cell phone data to satisfy high area demand.


The road department cleaned some catch basins with the town vac truck.


The question here should be why it took so long to get a vac truck to clean the catch basins in the low spot of Third Street.


Piping is done for the cooling towers.


Cooling tower piping work



The old pipe doesn't look like it was in bad condition.



New cooling towers



Repair work has been done on the end of the east pier.


Repairs were made to the east pier that were not budgeted for. They are figuring out there is a cost to tying large boats up to a small pier.

Thanks a lot Geoff.


The pump-out boat is said to be working.


The mayor and the administrator met with the town about pump-out boats and sharing equipment.


Trustee Phillips noted that the comment period for the PSE&G electric cable project ended this day.


Treasurer Brandt reported noting there were several capital expenditures that needed to be made.


A new pump is needed at the Peconic Landing lift station.


BNR Basin No. 1 needs 14k worth of chain work.


Two pad mounted transformers are needed.


12k in progress payment to engineers Cameron is need for Beach Road design work.


Trustee Robbins said the cost of the construction of hookups for Sandy Beach had grown to 1 mil. She did not feel an expenditure of 45k per home was justified.


There was a long discussion as to whether the cost of a Sandy Beach sewer should be borne.


Hubbard said they had to decide what they were going to do.


Three new pickup trucks are being purchased.


19k was spent repairing the east pier.


Hubbard noted that big boats lying against the pier did not do it any good. One boat doesn’t hurt as much as six boats.


Six big boats are more damaging than one big boat to the east pier. Of course when a big boat is tied up for four days of northeast wind from a tropical storm that is asking a lot.


They were told by a citizen the dock was not designed for big boats.




Clerk Pirillo reported.


Account clerk Joe Kilburn is resigning.


The contract with the sludge hauler is being terminated.



Village attorney Prokop reported.


Habitat For Humanity is working on a survey of the property on Webb Street.


The attorney would like to change Chapter 118, Subdivision law, to allow undersized lots to be merged as a matter of law.


Talk about an agreement with the Arcade people for housing Central American immigrants on the second floor rather than prospering their violations in court. The will be getting a 5k fine and the second floor will revert to the storage use for which it was originally designated .



Hubbard called on the trustees for reports


Trustee Martillota said CSEA contract negotiations are moving forward.



Trustee Roberts reported.


He presented three schemes drawn up by engineering aid Dereck to try to ease traffic next year.


One would be valet parking, another would be parking at the skool with a shuttle bus and a third would be parking at the skool with bicycles available to ride into town.


Roberts also presented a drawing of a dog run in the area of the water tower, with a cost said to be 7k.


Roberts’ One Greenport would like to put signs up at the entrances to Greenport.


Diana Gordon would be in charge of the project and Gail Horton would be artistic consultant.


Hubbard said a friend was reworking the sign on County Road 48 and it would be installed soon. He was concerned with space available for a sign at Sixth Street and Washington Avenue.


Roberts and Phillips would like to have a forum for Greenport issues for the upcoming town election.


Robbins said she didn’t like the idea of a forum because the village was non-partisan and there were enough opportunities to go to forums.


Hubbard said a forum would not be a village event so the board couldn’t stop them.


Roberts would like to have a fund raiser for the ice rink.


Roberts asked what was going on with the North Ferry saying there was no transparency. He would like to make a presentation to the county legislature.



We don't think the village is paying for the North Ferry trash pickup but you never know.


Robbins said she thought any revenue from the North Ferry should be from a contract for services rather than a per trip fee.


Robbins ran down the latest BID meeting.



Phillips reported.


She would like to see a CDBG grant application, saying Pallas had some ideas.


(They love to throw acronyms around – using the big words is another story. In this case Community Development Block Grant.)


Someone had approached the town Transportation Committee about a water taxi.



Hubbard reported.


The Main Street entrance and exit to the Adams Street parking lot will be closed with a turn section installed where the Gazebo is now.


Close-off at the Adams Street parking lot


The cost of reconstructing the sidewalks on the east side of the 400 block of Main Street will be 200k with a 900k total being spent on various road, curb and sidewalk work



Hubbard called on the audience to address the board.


Citizen Arthur Tasker chastised the board for talk of not hooking Sandy Beach up with sewer.


Next up was Joan Dinizio. She was the leadoff batter in an intense attack on Trustee Roberts.


The gist of the attack seemed to center around an email Roberts had sent to one of his Central American immigrant constituents. He had suggested some sort of English/Spanish education intuitive. In his email he noted that Dinizio, Doroski and Martocchia would not support any such initiative.


Joan Dinizio is a clerical worker at the skool. Citizen Karen Doroski is a member of the Board of Education. Sandra Martocchia is apparently active in the Parent Teacher Association.


The email recipient had somehow shared the email with one of the above. They took the email as accusing them of racism.


The gang of three was having none of it and went after Roberts with vengeance. In a rare moment Roberts was for the most part silent as the attack overwhelmed him.


Citizen Chatty Allen said, “This needed to come to light, you pit people against each other.”


Allen also reminded Roberts of his intimidation tactic to force Phillips and Robins to vote to make the village a welcoming community.


Town councilman Jim Dinizio next got up to have at Roberts noting that Roberts was a Democrat committeeman in the 4th district and would turn his proposed forum into an assault on registered Conservative and Trump voter Dinizio.


We can’t possibly do the attack justice here. It is suggested that readers view this one for themselves.


Next up was a representative of the Greenport Farmers Market who would like to continue the Farmer’s Market from 7 October to 18 November in the area of the little league field. The market people would also like to get set up to use the area next year for the market.


Dog run or Farmer's Market?


Citizen Bill Swiskey took the podium and gave some advice on how to sewer Sandy Beach.


Swiskey went on to question an expenditure on the abstract of the voucher of 5k for BD Engineers. The work was said to be in conjunction with the lawsuit against Genesys Engineering of New Rochelle, NY, whose Phase 1 power plant upgrade did not work out well.


(BD Engineering claims to be “Driving the stupid out of construction”. Now we find them.)


Thanks Steve, Dave, Ben, Jamie and Gail.