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16 March Work Session (Version 0.2)


There were 21 people in the audience and one reporter. Trustee Roberts was absent making for a reasonable meeting.


Fire Chief Miller reported.


Stony Brook is going to have an ambulance in the area from six AM to six PM seven days a week. They would like to use the village fuel supply to fuel. They reimburse for the fuel.


Hubbard asked if there was any input from the board from the public hearing on parking in the street during a snow storm. Robbins said she would like to see the $250 fine lowered to something more manageable like $175. Hubbard said the thinking was a high fine would discourage people from ignoring the ordinance.


Not if they don’t know about it.


Hubbard asked if the board had input on the new rental law after the public hearing. Prokop said some of the comments that were made at the public hearing were based on the old rental law.



Village Administrator Pallas reported.


A single bid was received for stormwater runoff remediation at the end of Manor Place. Different costs were thrown about one of 136k and one of 142k. It was said that the state would cover 80% of the cost with a grant.


Plan view of drainage for Manor Place road end


The North Fork Chamber of Commerce wants to hold an in water boat show at the marina in June.


There was talk about work being done on the old Mobil property at the end of 4th Street by others.


Talk of the LWRP and the reformatting wanted by the state. Pallase suggested interested people should wait until the reformatted version was available before commenting.


Talk of a computerized marina reservation system called out as DOCKWA.


The road department has been working on signs.


The chain on one of the biological nutrient removal (BNR) chambers at the sewer plant has been replaced.


One of the chain drives on the BNR chambers. There are several.



The cooling water tower work at the power plant is slated to begin in April.






The Planning Board has 13 new applications. Most of the applications are for use evaluations.


Treasurer Brandt reported.


Talk of 20k for the BNR chamber chain.


Talk of the purchase of an oil/water separator at the power plant.


Talk of A&F repair work on work done on the power plant and work that was not done at the power plant.


Pallase tentatively stated that the new transformer could now be run in parallel with the old transformer.


Hubbard said the remedial first phase power plant work could be done by the end of April. There was no word on the status of the Bob Braun Genesys Engineering lawsuit.


Work is scheduled for a water leak on engine No. 5 with a DMC test to follow on April 15.



The latest problem at the James I. Monsell Power Plant is a water leak in Engine No. 5.



The village is currently administering 82 Section 8 housing assistance vouchers.



Village Clerk Pirillo reported.


A part time seasonal traffic control officer will be hired.


Public Assembly permits:

·         BID rubber ducky race

·         EESM maritime festival 22 thru 24 September

·         Bid 15 April egg roll


The tax sale will be re-advertised for 12 April after the March NE storm called it off.



Village Attorney Prokop reported.


Talks and contracts with PSEG have been ongoing and are winding up.


The attorney has spoken with Mitchell Morris of the state comptroller’s office on the North Ferry fee for use of VofG streets.


An outside sewer connection is in the works (Ratseyville).


Several litigation matters have been submitted to Southold Town Justice Court for decision.


Two code enforcement matters have had decisions rendered by Judge Hughs.


There was talk of a fire marshal working five hours per week. The fire marshal is in part aimed at occupancy rules for commercial businesses.



Hubbard called on the trustees for reports.


Phillips said she had been to Port Jefferson discussing their use of parking meters. She would like to look into putting parking meters in some locations. Hubbard said the village had tried that under Mayor Nyce and after all the preparation the BID went off on the board saying they didn’t want parking meters. He didn’t want to get started on metered parking again unless the business people were on board.


(For a thorough and enlightening discussion of this matter look for The High Cost of Free Parking by Shoup. Shoup advocates for metered parking.)


Phillips said the BID was interested in putting up 50% of the cost of new garbage cans and had talked of a private contractor to help in the pickup of garbage from the cans at peak periods.


The carousel rounding board paintings are in the library until March 27th.





Hubbard said something about additional flower boxes.


Robbins gave a brief BID rundown.


Martilotta reported. He said he had not been available for a month and was catching up.


Martilotta said with the new hire of a clerk for the Zoning, Planning and Historic Review boards scanning could get started.


The scanning story is getting tiresome Jack.


He went on to say there were mud puddles on the Moores Woods fitness track that he would like to see filled in.


(Unmentioned was that the mud puddles are vernal pools and filling them will require a freshwater wetlands permit from the NYSDEC.)


Robbins added that she and Pallas had been to Washington DC with the American Association of Public Power to lobby legislators on electricity matters.



Mayor Hubbard reported.


He thanked Scott Corwin for dropping dirt off on Moores Lane that was used for the little league field.


Hubbard said he together with the Rotary Club was working on purchasing Frank Field’s Peconic Railroad equipment that would be located in Moores Woods. An enthusiastic Hubbard handed out a plan for the location of the tracks in the woods.



The old Peconic RR layout



Location for the Moores Woods RR layout



A vernal pool in Moores Woods - worth a click



(No mention was made of the fact that the miniature RR tracks would go by or through vernal pools classified as freshwater wetlands and needing a permit from the NYSDEC.)



Hubbard called on the audience for comments.


Trustee candidate Paul Krieling got up and asked an odd question about whether there was a culvert for Moores Drain. He demonstrated a complete lack of knowledge about the matter.


A couple of people got up to endorse the miniature RR including Richard Israel. Israel said the Rotary Club was going to help in making the RR happen.



18 March 2017, 12:30 PM - The Rotary Club clock in Mitchell Park. The east side is correct.


Swiskey asked how much money was spent on remedial work for the first phase of the power plant upgrade. Village Administrator Pallase said 300k had been spent on contractor A&F to do the work and that the new transformer could now operate in parallel with the old transformer.


(The new transformer’s voltage was incorrectly specified by Bob Braun’s Genesys Engineer along with several other mistakes in the plans and specifications provided by Genesys. A&F has been working on correcting the mistakes. The 300k figure given to Swiskey does not seem to add up to what FOIL requests have produced. Whether the two transformers can in fact operate over time in parallel remains to be seen.)


The village board went into executive session with no mention of what was to be discussed.


The meeting ended at the reasonable hour of 8:30 PM instead of the usual 11:00 PM without Trustee Roberts presence questioning every aspect of ever statement and adding his own nonsense.