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15 July 2017 Work Session (Beta Version)


There were eleven people in the audience.


Trustee Martilotta was away on army training.

(Army, teacher, football coach keeps the trustee away from his duties frequently.)


Fire Chief Miller left for a rescue call before the meeting began.


Hubbard opened the meeting with a discussion of a Peconic Land Trust wetlands permit.


Phillips said she liked the idea of the project-a little grass and some plants.


It was noted that the Peconic Land Trust did not have a NYSDEC or USACE permit yet. In the past the village had waited until all other permits were secured.


The project calls for 2,000 cubic yards of sand fill beach nourishment to be trucked in and graded. The fill will be planted with American beach grass and other native plants.


(The material will not stay where it is put long.)


Hubbard noted that a citizen had requested that old steel sticking up at the east end of Clark Street might be a hazard and should be cut down. There was some confusion on the board as to where the steel was located.


A concerned citizen sent the mayor a communication asking that old steel sheets be cut down. Peconic Land Trust representative Steve Schott was on hand and said the Trust would have the steel cut down.





Hubbard called on village administrator Pallas for his report.


Work on a tanks monitor and an oil/water separator is ongoing at the power plant.


Work on the cooling towers is slated to start soon.


Robbins noted that a tree had been cut down in front of the Front Street liquor store.


A Front Street tree was cut down as it had heaved the sidewalk.


Pallas said they were still planning for an epoxy sealing coat for the floor of the power plant basement.


The carrousel will be open all week starting June 23 and Al Herzog Park beach will open on June 24.


Roberts asked about a reduction in code enforcement activity based on the written report. Pallas responded that there was no reduction in activity that he knew of.


Roberts said two traffic control people split a part time job.


Phillips said a tool had been obtained to mark the bottom of tires rather than the sidewall. When the attorney tried to interject something about marking tires Phillips attacked him.


Prokop said the code enforcement report sheet was shorter because a lot of stuff had been cleared up.


Roberts asked about a real estate sign that was involved in enforcement. Hubbard said someone had put a post and board sign for a summer rental up on the grass strip on Bay Avenue. Real estate signs are not allowed on the village grass strip.


A fire marshal is starting work one day a week, Thursday night from 4 to 9 o’clock.


Bob Fox’s Global Commons wants to make an application to NYSERDA for an advanced grid program.


The village pumpout boat is broken down.



Clerk Pirillo reported.


Seasonal hiring for traffic control, marina and the merry-go-round


There was a meeting with the Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency about parking.


There was a meeting with Altice the company which has bought Cablevision.


Hubbard said Altice was planning on rebuilding the east end cable system to handle 10 GB  per second. The project is starting in a month. There will be no increase in rates.


The silent auction of the rounding board paintings is scheduled for July 7.


The village insurance policy with NYMA is going down 4%. Some old vehicles and the like have been removed from the policy.


The sewer agreement with Colin Ratsey is ready for signature.


8k worth of damage was done to Greenhill Cemetery from the dude that drove into it.



Treasurer Brandt reported


Year end budget modifications


HUD made a surprise audit of the community development books. The audit was said to have gone smoothly.


A meeting was held with the New York Power Authority. The relationship with NYPA was said to be improved.



Attorney Prokop reported.


A public hearing will be held for changes to local laws 150-9 and 150-18 that deal with multifamily housing.


(The ZBA had been asked to make an interpretation of local law 150-9 and where multifamily housing could be located. The request for interpretation by the ZBA was withdrawn by the village administrator apparently under pressure from the authorities. The village board will now attempt to change the local law as some parties did not like the way the ZBA public hearing went on the interpretation.)


The village needs to adopt the 2015 International Building Code and the 2016 New York State Supplement. There was some discussion on whether this had already been done several months ago with the attorney saying he did not believe it was ever adopted.


Chapter 103 Rental Law of the village code will have a public hearing at the June regular meeting.


There have been talks with a Habitat for Humanities expeditor. Some work needs to be done on the proposed Webb Street project within the next year to satisfy a Suffolk County two year time extension.


The village will be in litigation in the Supreme Court over a property next week.


Use Evaluations will be eliminated from the planning boards duties with a review process carried out by the building department.


Roberts asked about two wetlands permits violations: a storage shed on Sandy Beach and a fence at the Oyster Point condominiums.


A Sandy Beach property owner constructed a shed without benefit of a wetlands permit.


Talk of code violations at 229 Third Street.


(Attorney Prokop seemed a little off his game.)



Hubbard reported the audit committee was studying water and sewer rates.



Hubbard called for reports by trustees.


Phillips said the Greenport Improvement Committee was talking about a proposed interpretive center.


One Bag At A Time ad hock volunteers Mindy Ryan and Sharon Taylor made a presentation. Sharon Taylor is an owner of Front Street Station restaurant.


Ryan said there were no receptacles for recyclables in the village. They would like to purchase a Big Belly garbage container that would receive both garbage and recyclables in two separate containers.


The Big Belly container would cost $2,800 to lease for a year. They would raise the money themselves and place the container near Front Street Station. The village would pick up the garbage and recyclables from the container.


The new garbage cans bought with the help of the BID. No containers are available for recyclables.



Ryan, who spends a lot of time picking up garbage on the street said one of the problem spots was behind Noah's restaurant.





Trustee Robins reported.


Robins gave a rundown of BID activity.



Trustee Roberts reported.


Roberts said his One Greenport event was a great success and he would like to repeat it next year.


Uber is planning on starting ride sharing in Suffolk County on June 20.


A brief discussion of the taxi stand and use by Uber with Hubbard noting that the taxi stand time is 6 to 2 at night and any tickets issued for using it at other times would be invalid.


The taxi stand is only a taxi stand from 6 PM to 2 AM.


Roberts would like the reformatted LWRP circulated so that people can comment on it.


Stirling Creek has water quality problems and Roberts would like to see the village board work on required pumpout stations at marinas.


The village pumpout boat is out of service.



Hubbard called on the audience for comments.


Citizen Allen took the podium. She attacked Trustee Roberts for making a U turn on Front Street criticizing him for going on about traffic control enforcement while not adhering to the rules himself. Roberts said he wouldn’t do it again.


Citizen Allen attacked Roberts for making a U turn on Front Street. Roberts said he wouldn't do it again.


Citizen Swiskey ran down his punch list. He asked about the Genesys Engineering lawsuit noting it was not in the New York State court system data base.


Somebody doesn't have something right on the Village of Greenport vs. Genesys Engineering law suit. It can't be found in the New York State Unified Court System. The Village of Greenport may or may not have sued Genesys Engineering for faulty design work for the phase I upgrade of the power plant.


Swiskey asked about the letter to the Department of State asking if the village could collect a landing fee for the North Ferry. He was told that Suffolk County had been asked to include the village in the next rate hike hearing. The attorney said he was going to discuss a fee with the board in executive session.


Hubbard recessed the meeting into executive session.