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Greenport, Long Island, New York


20 July 2017 Work Session (Version 0.1)


Trustee Robins was absent.


There were eight observers and one reporter in the audience.


It was as hot as hell outside and hotter inside. The air conditioning was broken and doors and windows were opened. The air conditioning fan was left on in spite of no cold air to make sure no one could hear what was said.


Hubbard called for reports.


Chief Weinegart went over problems the fire department has maneuvering on Front Street.


Hubbard said a wetlands permit for the replacement of 29 piles by the North Ferry Company had been submitted. Phillips noted that North Ferry had been replacing piles at the ferry slips for years.


A brief discussion of handicap mats for Al Herzog Park with Martilotta and Phillips expressing concern the mats would need to be anchored or moved for a storm.



Village Administrator Pallas reported.


A contract for epoxy coating the floor of the basement at the power plant


Work will start Monday on a new ramp for the fire house. The cost was said to be $200,300 with work done under the county contract using the same contractor that has been doing sidewalk and curb work.




The water department worked on a Bay Avenue fire hydrant.


Twenty-five new garbage cans have been put downtown. Adjustments to locations are being made.


Absent Robins’ report mentioned sign boards with the BID people preferring 24” by 42” preferably caulk boards with a 5’ unencumbered travel way.


Pallas said work had begun on the cooling towers at the power plant.




The nitrate recirculation pump has been replaced at the sewer plant.


Don’t they replace that pump every other month?


Phillips asked about work on the rain water pumps for the intersection of North and Third Streets. Pallas said the pumps had been repaired but there was still work to do on a control panel. Presently the pumps have to be turned on by hand.


Phillips asked if the pumps would eliminate flooding at the intersection of North and Third. Pallas replied, “Absolutely”.






How long do you think it will be before we post a picture of a big puddle at North and Third?


Roberts asked about a noise problem on lower Main Street. Attorney Prokop replied that noise control was not as simple as a noise meter. Personnel had to be designated and trained to operate a noise meter.


Phillips said live music noise was a problem in residential neighborhoods. One night it seemed like the band was in her bedroom.


There was a long discussion of noise, source, locations, wind and sound meters.


Phillips asked what the policy of working on boats at the marina docks was. A boat had been waxed at the east dock. Pallas said personal vehicles were not allowed on the dock.









Deputy Treasurer Gaffga reported. Budget modifications




Village Clerk Pirillo reported.


They would like to purchase four new vehicles, two pickup trucks for the road department, one pickup truck for the water department and a car for the meter reader.


One has to wonder if that will be an electric car.


A meeting with RPA and IDA for a transpiration hub study scope of service.


(They never define the acronyms they throw around.)


Hubbard said he had tried to push the authorities on the ferry queue question and the application had gone from the middle of the pile to the bottom of the pile.


Pirillo said they would like to try swimming lessons in a week for children and adults.


A North Fork TV festival is slated for 9 September.


A PSEG scam has been going around claiming customers owe money to the electric company.




Attorney Prokop, who couldn’t stand the heat and had removed his jacket, reported.


Revisions to the revamped rental code chapter including a change in the definition of family.


The usual PSEG SEQRA stuff.




Hubbard called on trustees for reports.


First up was Martilotta with something about Municipal Sewer System Asset Management Pilot Program. Some sort of NYSDEC attempt to put sewer systems on some sort of IBM software.


Hubbard talked of a Silver Lake trail and where access would be.


Martilotta said the skool would like to put mail box sized enclosures up on the streets to interest kids in books.


(How this would work was not explained.)


Earth to the skool system, kids with books are over with.



The cool and commanding Trustee Roberts, with his usual astute foresight suggested an RPA Housing grant to do a study on Greenport’s housing stock.


(Roberts is pursuing his agenda of providing housing for Central American immigrants. He would like to see three story structures built wherever possible and has approached at least one residential lot owner with the idea of a three story structure to house Central American immigrants. His latest endeavor is to facilitate the construction of three story structures on commercial property with commercial space on first floor and several apartments above. He is influenced by his mentor who owns a commercial building on Front Street that is said to have nine apartments constructed over time disregarding the zoning code. His mentor apparently wants to legitimize his building. Roberts can be best classified as and extreme do-gooder. See here and here.)


Phillips interrupted to say the village needed to start working on short term rentals.


Trustee Roberts went on to express his concern with the quality of the water in Stirling Creek noting a report on the shortcomings of pump-out facilities in the creek.


Pallas said he had just learned that the Townsend Manor Inn had installed a pump-out facility.


(A cursory inspection found no sign of a pump-out facility.)


Trustee Roberts recommended some measures to enhance pump-out service including rescinding wetlands permits when pump-outs are not installed, work on the village’s pump-out boat, a pump-out facility at the end of Stirling Avenue and signal flags on boats in need of pump-out service.


Hubbard said the village had repaired the village pump-out although there were still some issues with the pump.


Pallas said they were looking to replace the pump.


(It was not stated but it sounded like the pump-out boat wasn’t pumping.)


Saturday, July 22, 1:30 PM - Looks like the village pump-out boat is out of service with pump problems



Phillips said the Southold Transportation Committee was talking round-a-bouts including one at the intersection of State Road 25 and County Road 48.



Hubbard reported.


The fireboat people would like to line up antique fire engines at the end of the RR dock for the maritime festival.


The skate park festival scheduled for Sunday had been dropped. The kids lost interest.



No one mentioned what this big pile of recycled concrete pavement is doing on Monsell Trail




Hubbard called on the public to address the board.


Bruce G of 915 Main Street took the podium.


Mr. G had asked the village before to operate a dinner cruise boat off of the RR dock. He was told that the RR dock was for commercial fishing boats. If he wanted to locate on the marina dock the cost would be 55k per year.


One of Captain Brenann’s boats is operating off the RR dock with a tour boat that is one of his repurposed party fishing boats. Mr G didn’t think this was fair or proper and the operation should be stopped.


Hubbard told him to put in an application for the RR dock.