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Greenport, Long Island, New York


16 February 2017 Work Session (Version 0.1)


Trustee Martilotta was absent.


There were 17 people in the audience plus one reporter.


The fire department was doing their clam chowder thing in the kitchen making it difficult to hear.


Fire Chief Miller gave a brief report.



Deputy Treasurer Gaffga reported for absent Treasurer Brandt.


A contract is ready to be signed with accountants BST and Comp. for a water and sewer rate study.


A contract is ready to be signed for engineering firm J. R. Holzmacher for an update on work that needs to be done on the sewer plant and collection system.



Historic Review Commission Chairman Steve Bull reported on an application for two grants.


The annual Certified Local Government historic preservation report is due detailing work done to maintain the historic district in the village.


Bull has been discussing historic preservation efforts with Linda Mackey of the NYS Department of Parks and Recreation. Mackey indicated the village has not been doing enough. The village should update its historic inventory.


Two grants are available with an application due date of March 1st.


One grant application would be to survey sites and views outside the historic district including locations like the power plant and the 5th Street cable shed that supplied Shelter Island with electricity.


The village would supply work as contribution towards the grant. The new clerk to the boards would coordinate the paperwork and photographs.


A second grant would set up educational workshops for contractors and the like on subjects such as appropriate windows.


The workshop grant would be for 14k and the survey grant would be for 22k.


The survey could use smart phones for photographs.


Village Administrator Pallase reported.


Trustee Douglas Roberts asked how the purchased power adjustment was calculated. Pallase gave a sketchy answer to the question.


Roberts went on to ask if proposed net metering could bring down the PPA fee.


The proposed net metering would have a 150 kilowatt limit. Pallase said there were a lot of unknowns about any cost impacts of net metering.


The village would have an annual cost of 16k for the net metering.


The 150 kilowatt limit is very low.


Hubbard said that if some electric customers went for net metering which put costs on others it was not worth doing. Once the village goes for the tariff it is locked into the deal.


The North Fork Chamber of Commerce has asked Pallase to be on the chamber board.


The purchase of an oil separator for storm water at the power plant has been mandated by the health department. The unit the county has specified will cost 47k.


The road department has been working on the removal of trees.


Doug Roberts asked about the state cleaning of catch basins on Front Street.


Roberts asked if the new transformer could be run in parallel with the old one. Pallase replied, “no” saying work on the relay equipment was more important.


Roberts said the code enforcement report was terrific.


What other politician can you think of that uses similar superlatives?


The ice rink has been working well.



Village Clerk Pirillo reported.


Four people have submitted petitions for the upcoming election:

Mary Bess Phillips

Julia Robins

Paul Kreiling

Mary Louise Given aka Lucy Clark


(A candidate supported by Trustee Roberts failed to gather the required 50 signatures. It should be noted that candidate Kreiling did not attend the February meeting while candidate Clark did attend the meeting. Neither candidate has spent any time to speak of at village board meetings.)


A part time summer traffic control officer will be hired to supplement Greg Morris. Morris is completing training and will be splitting his time between parking and building code issues.


Roberts said he would like to give any village person who is traveling a $35 per day voucher for meals and expenses eliminating the paperwork of keeping track of expenses.


Pirillo said the village could not pay for anything that it did not receive and have receipts for.


The rounding boards on the carousel are going to be declared surplus so that the original paintings can be sold.



Village Attorney Prokop reported.


He has reviewed and commented on the PSEG cable contract. The contract has been returned to PSEG for review.


An attempt has been made to settle the Genesys Engineering litigation case. No agreement could be reached. The next step is to bring the case in front of a judge for a preliminary conference and then discovery.


Prokop suggested a change to Village Code Chapter 103 to make the code apply to all rentals.


Code section 132-18 which concerns overnight parking during snowstorms should be renamed so that the parking during snowstorms can be easily found.


Prokop said he would like to meet in executive session concerning Justice Court cases that are being pursued.


Prokop has been working on the [miniature] railway proposal.


Prokop said he has been working on the Ratsey agreement.


(It is assumed he was talking about Ratsey's plan to hook his property west of the village up to the village sewer plant.)



Hubbard called on trustees for reports.


Roberts said the farmer’s market people would like to shorten their session.


Roberts said a group had approached him to have a Pride Rally in the park on June 18th. The rally would require a public assembly permit. The rally would have an LBGTQ theme.


Roberts then went on to propose calling the village a Welcoming Community.


(This was apparently a case of severe Trump Hysteria Syndrome.)


Roberts went on at length about his Everyone is Welcome theme. Phillips and Robins took exception to the suggestion that Greenport was anything but welcoming to all people.


Roberts said he had talked to a lot of people who are scared saying he just wanted to put on the table that Greenport was a welcoming community.


Phillips and Robins said the village didn’t need a statement or resolution spelling out what had always been.


(Gluttons for punishment can see the whole thing here starting around 85 minutes.)


Roberts went on to tell everyone how voter registration worked.


He next called for a meeting with the town board and the police chief which did not go over a whole lot better.



Robins reported on the carousel and the BID.


The BID wants more trash cans offering to pay for half of the cost.


Talk of a quiescent 2009 lighting grant.


The BID feels there are too many parking regulation signs and would like to see two hour parking throughout the village downtown.



Phillips said that the hour was late (9:10) and she would be brief.


Boy is there ever some irony there.


She would like to install two sets of stop signs on Fifth Avenue after a minor accident occurred on the avenue. One set would be at South Street and Fifth Avenue and one set would be at Kaplan Avenue [sic] and Fifth Avenue.


(Jo Anne McEntee complained about damage to her daughters truck on Phillips private Facebook page. Maybe there is an election coming up.)


She went on to suggest that the village speed limit of 30 mph might need to be changed.


(30 MPH is the minimum in New York State except for skool zones.)



Hubbard reported.


Talk of the location of Frank Fields miniature train at the Polo Grounds.


The use of leftover inter-modal transportation funds grant to study a new layout for the ferry queue.


Talk of keeping the movie theater open and the North Fork TV festival in September.



Hubbard called on the audience for comments.


Chatty Allen laced into Roberts over his welcoming community idea noting that his remark about seeing what happened to anyone that didn’t vote for it was threatening.



Bob Kehl said the idea of declaring Greenport a welcoming community was close to calling it a sanctuary city. Kehl noted that Roberts had told him he could get the variances needed to build a three story building on a lot Kehl owned on Kaplan Avenue for low income housing. Kehl said it was improper for an official to promise variances. Roberts denied he promised help with variances.


Kehl called for Roberts to resign from the village board.


Jo Anne McEntee, Kehl’s wife, made similar allegations about Roberts’ promises for help with variances.


McEntee called for Roberts to resign.


Widow’s Hole oyster farmer Mike Osinski said the money from the 5th Street cable should be used to implement a plan his wife had made for the capture of rainwater runoff at the end of 4th, 5th and 6th Streets and rainwater running into Widow’s Hole.


John Saladino noted that Roberts had complained that housing was being held up by “process” noting the he, Saladino, was a process type of guy. Roberts said he never said such a thing.


(It has to be noted here that Roberts did complain that “process”, meaning Saladino, was holding up low income housing, that Roberts got the idea from the building inspector and Roberts was lying when he said he had never made the statement. It is almost certain that Roberts did promise Kehl and McEntee intervention in the variance process for a three story housing unit on Kaplan Avenue. Roberts lied about all three parties accusations of his attempts at meddling in the village zoning and building approval apparatus.)


William Swiskey spoke about the net metering proposal saying it was a bad idea and could end up costing all electric customers money to the benefit of a few.


The village board went into executive session to discuss litigations in Justice Court.