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21 December 2017 Work Session (Version 0.1)



There were 12 people in the audience.


Fire Chief Miller reported.


Bids have been received for epoxy sealing the floor of the fire house. The low bidder was 73k.


In a departure from convention the mayor allowed remarks on the Bull shed on Beach Street, Sandy Beach from interested parties.


The Bull shed is in front of the village board for a wetlands permit.


The Bull shed was constructed over a year ago without a wetlands permit. The former building inspector chose to allow the Bull shed to be constructed without a wetlands permit.


Phillips said she would like to table the issue until the building department could study it.


(A good trick as the building inspector has retired.)


The Bull shed is in hot water with the cottage owners on Beach Street as there is a covenant that nothing can be constructed north of Beach Street. Citizen Bull is fighting the cottage owners in court.

Citizen Bull is contending he does not need a wetlands permit. He is represented by attorney Moore on the wetlands permit.


Citizen Bull, Citizen Tasker, Citizen Saladino and attorney Pat Moore went at it for a spell.


The Bull shed does not need a building permit because it is under 200 square feet and the International Building Code adopted by the village says no building permit is needed for a shed under 200 square feet.


The drift of the discussion seems to be the Bull shed does not need a building permit and may or may not need a wetlands permit depending on how you read chapter 68 Floodplain Development and chapter 142 Wetlands, Floodplains and Drainage of the village code.


Construction of the Bull shed began over a year ago. No building permit was needed under the IBC code adopted by the village. The Bull shed has no cross bracing for wind.


A discussion of changes to the zoning code concerning multi-family dwellings:


Phillips said she was confused by the multifamily question as the designation had been added to accommodate Lakeside Garden apartments.


The issue has been raised by Roberts to allow residential construction over commercial in the commercial districts.


The board kicked the subdivision chapter in the code around a little with Prokop saying he was going to draft a change to facilitate mergers of land.



Village Administrator Pallas reported.


Talk of NEPPA training grant for a lineman.


PSEG wants to rent the old scavenger waste plant site to store cable for 15k.


The ice rink is waiting for cold weather.


BNR basin No. 2 has been taken out of service. Work will be done on sealing the walls.


The Historic Preservation Commission grant practices informational event was said to be a success.


Talk of the fire marshal report.


Roberts asked about “pop-up” use evaluations.



Village Clerk Pirillo reported.


Pirillo thanked a list of people and companies that had donated money towards a gifts for youngsters party.


Bids for tree removal and stump grinding have been rejected. There was a problem with the marking of trees for removal.


Hubbard said the tree man was color blind and when Hubbard had asked what the yellow tape around some trees was for the tree man said that he had not used yellow ribbon. Hubbard replied, “yes you did”.


A new sludge hauler at $196/1000 gallons


The civil service list is being canvassed for a new building inspector.


The clerk claimed progress was being made with scanning. The village has purchased a large scanner and clerk/typist Christina has been to Southold Town hall for scanning tips and tricks.


Talk of scanning up to 50 files per month.





Village Treasurer Brandt reported.


Repairs are slated to be made to three carousel doors.


Pallas said the doors would be converted from electric operation to hand operation as the hand operation seemed to work better.



Again with the doors



An additional 298k will be taken from reserves for the recent paving.


(The constant use of reserves is an indication that the tax rate is too high.)



1.2 million, what does the sidewalk look like in front of your house?


Our total is:


800k bond

125k grant (with Lavalle’s help)

298k from reserves

Total 1.22 million


Hubbard said part of the extra 298k came when he decided to pave the state’s lower Main Street section because it wouldn’t look right if they didn’t.



The mayor didn't think it would look right if lower Main Street was not paved. Lower Main Street belongs to the State of New York.



Village Attorney Prokop reported.


Two deeds have been given to Habitat for Humanities for property on Webb Street.


A hearing will be held at the December regular meeting on leaf blowers. The proposed law restricts leaf blowers and lawnmowers. Lawnmowers where not indented.


A hearing for an additional 11 parking spaces west of the IGA restricted to 30 minutes.


Hubbard called on Trustee Robins for a report.


Robins ran down the BID.


Robins does not like cigarette butts on the street and would like to see business owners provide butt receptacles.


The BID is talking about resurrecting the Adams Street lighting grant from the county with talk of providing 900$.


The carousel committee wants to do for interior screens what they did for the rounding boards on the carousel.



Trustee Phillips reported.


Talk of a meeting with Bryant, Roberts and Phillips on a HUD small cities grant application.


Phillips noted there was 152k in an account from mortgage activity on completed housing projects.



Trustee Roberts reported.


An ice rink fund raiser for 20 January at 4:00 PM.


Roberts raised the question of parking for apartment dwellers downtown.


At the regular meeting last month resident Rachael spoke to the board asking for resident parking stickers for the downtown apartment dwellers.


Talk of a 25 MPH speed limit.


Hubbard said it was not so easy as Front Street is the state’s road and a 25 mph speed limit needs approval of the state legislature.


Roberts noted there were observers smoking and drinking at the tree lighting ceremony and is having second thoughts about open container enforcement including at the maritime festival and Monday night dances.


Phillips said she was hearing from folks that the maritime festival has gotten to be a little too much.


Hubbard said open container events had to be more than just a drunken party.


Phillips said they should communicate with the maritime festival people to note things had gotten out of hand.


Trustee Martilotta had nothing to report.


Mayor Hubbard had nothing to report.


Hubbard called on the audience for comments.



Citizen Rudder of Second Street presented a proposal to construct devices to contain food similar to the devices constructed to pass around books. How this would work was not made clear. Apparently the board got some sort of handout. The devices would be for people in need of food.


Citizen Chatty Allen said the idea of giving special parking privileges to downtown apartment dwellers was not appropriate. When you rent a place downtown you know what you are getting for parking.


Citizen Corwin asked what the status of the Village of Greenport versus Genesys Engineering lawsuit was. Prokop said Genesys Engineering had filed a countersuit claiming the village owes Genesys Engineering money and is blocking the sale of the company.


Prokop said he would discuss the status of the lawsuit with the village board in an executive session after the meeting. He said he would report on the status of the lawsuit at the work sessions.


That sounds like the lawsuit is settled and the village lost.