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 20 October 2016 Work Session (Beta Version)


Fire Chief Miller reported

Walk-in doors are to replaced in the firehouse for 20k.

There was a discussion of the wetlands permit for the dike around Eastern Long Island Hospital. The hospital started the dike but was apparently stopped when someone complained work was being done without a wetlands permit. The planning board recommended that the hospital submit a drainage plan for the hospital property. The village board decided to make a drainage plan part of a permit.


The ELIH dike.  The wetlands permit was issued. The hospital will be asked to provide a drainage plan in three months. Highly unreliable sources say the rainwater roof runoff from the hospital maybe going into the sewer system.

There was a discussion of eliminating parking on the east side of Carpenter Street as far as Ludlam Place.

Village administrator Pallase asked the village board to ratify emergency repairs to Engine No. 4 at the power plant.

Work on curbs, sidewalks and paving to the tune of 315k was authorized for Carpenter Street.


Work begins on Carpenter Street paving with the movement of a troublesome utility pole.

Lavender Farm in East Marion has asked to use the Polo Grounds for their lavender parking. Parking for 300 cars would be done on Moores Lane with a shuttle bus taking people to the farm. Southold Town has asked the farm to come up with a plan for parking other than the State Road 25 shoulder.

Phillips asked about the tree committee and the trees the village is taking down around village.


Phillips mentioned the trees taken down by village forces. Apparently a tree on Bay Avenue lost its life by mistake.

A new motor shaft for the aerator at the sewer plant

DMAC test was done on the electric generators at the power plant


1 Nov - Hubbard said a 4" water line would be installed to allow the legion hall to install a fire sprinkler system.

The new traffic control officer Morris is being trained to do building code enforcement

(The enthusiastic code enforcer would like to be issued a gun.)

13k in parking and traffic fines were levied for September

Phillips asked about a car that was abandoned in the Adams Street parking lot voicing a concern that the vehicle didnít end its days dead at the power plant.

Phillips asked about the pump-out boat which has spent a lot of time out of service. Engine problems are the latest.


The pump-out boat was out of action for a spell during the summer because of filter problems then developed engine problems.

A new compressor for the ice rink. It is hoped that four compressors will handle ice load.


Nov 1 - Work begins on installing the ice rink. It is hoped a new fourth compressor will help keep up with warm weather. A alteration to the condenser set up apparently didn't do all that was hoped.

Deputy Treasurer Gaffga reported.

140k for parts for Engine No. 4, 29k for firehouse doors, 10k for the drive for the sewer aerator, 10k for a sewer and water rate study

Village Clerk Pirillo reported.

Village election for two trustees is 21 March

The usual rounding boards with talk of installation in November

Attorney Prokop reported.

He would like a part time fire marshal appointed.

Talk of getting reimbursement for the parking fines levied from the state.

Trustee Phillips gave a brief report.


Phillips asked about a photo shoot scheduled for some still pictures. She was told it was not going to tie up things as much as filming for some sort of Netflixs thing.

Trustee Robins ran down BID activity.

Trustee Roberts was absent

Trustee Martilotta reported

Talk of scanners with Martillota saying he was excited about the three scanners the town had lent to the village

Mayor Hubbard reported

A tall ship tied up


Hubbard was on hand for the docking of a replica Spanish galleon in an evening rainstorm.


Nov 1 - No mention was made of the Firefighter sandblasting on the RR dock.