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November 2015 Work Session (Version 0.5)


There were eight observers, one video technician, one full time reporter and one part time reporter in the audience.


There was no report from the fire chief as he was attending a chief’s council.


Mayor Hubbard said three prices had been solicited for design of replacement of the concrete apron at the fire house. H2M was the low bidder.


Trustee Robins asked about fire hydrants in need of repairs as a result of the October hydrant testing.


Hubbard said they were trying to do two a year.


Work is being done on a new radio repeater on the communications tower.


The public hearing on Carpenter Street parking was briefly discussed.


Village Administrator Paul Pallase reported.


Two bids for the rebid of work on the power plant cooling towers were received. One bid was for 1.6 million and one was for 780k with the low bidder being Encore Services.


File photo - work on the power plant cooling ponds may begin


Cashin Associates has submitted a price of 157k for the design of a sewer line on Sandy Beach to connect with the sewer system at Sterling Avenue.


There is a surplus in the sewer fund balance of 1.4 million which largely represents a payment from Peconic Landing.


There was a discussion of the Sandy Beach point which is parkland and the need to go to the state legislature to be allowed to bury a sewer line in parkland.


(The need to go to the legislature was later disputed by Sandy Beach resident Tasker.)


There is a surplus of 1.7 million in the sewer budget.


(They throw numbers around a lot but don’t necessarily know the values.)


There was a long discussion about houses east of the hook ups to the sewer system with the obvious conclusion that no homeowners were going to hook up to the sewer system with an upfront cost of 15k when a new cesspool system costs 6k. (For now anyway)


140k in costs for engine repairs at the power plant to mechanics.


Talk of the road end at Manor Place and any stormwater runoff remediation work that might be done.


Manor Place road end - maybe, maybe not


The New York State Public Service Commission is instituting two fees for all residential customers, a zero emissions credit and a renewable energy credit. A fee of 0.3 cents per kilowatt hour will go towards upstate nuclear power plants. A NYSERDA fee of .012 cents to 0.24 cents for five years then 0.42 to 0.52 per kilowatt hour as a renewable energy fee. The fees will start on 1 January.


Talk of the road department and the Sixth Street RR crossing and tree removal.


Talk of the failed shaft on the aerotor at the sewer plant.


One of the wheelie things needs a new bearing or something


The power plant fire alarm is almost complete.


The building department is looking at directional sign fees.


Talk of the TCO’s new outfit and badge.



Treasurer Brandt reported.


A “final” bill for work on engine No. 4 of 140.5k


Talk of a sewer rate study.



Clerk Pirillo reported.


The annual tax sale will be 14 March at 10:00 AM.


Talk of HEAP


The offering wage for a clerk/typist for the various boards has been raised from $12 to $15 after none of the 900 plus applicants would take the job.


The Town of Southold has given the village three document scanners. Two don’t work and one might work. Town people are coming to play with the one that might work.


A new 8.5 by 11 scanner is 2k, and an 11 by 17 scanner is 3k.


The usual long pointless discussion of scanners



Attorney Prokop reported


The village has been offered a house on the east end of Wiggins Street.




The lot on Webb Street slated for a Habitat for Humanities development is too small for their purposes and they are not interested.




Roberts said he would reach out to the HFH director.



Hubbard called on trustees for reports.


Martillota said he was working on a master calendar for all village events.


That will go well with the three dead scanners


Roberts said the village had to do something with short term rentals. He offered a draft of a new code. Suggesting the board look at it make changes then hold a public hearing.


Roberts said he wanted to hire a part time recreation facilitator for 15k per year to organize soccer games.


Hubbard said Greenport did not have enough kids for a team.


Roberts said the village code requirements for parking should be reconsidered.


Roberts would like to provide support for residents that could take an active role in advising the Latino community. The name One Greenport Committee was suggested.


Robins said the first set of rounding board on the merry-go-round had been installed.


The usual BID rundown, Shellabration will be 3 and 4 December


Phillips said an organization named North Fork Rebuilding Together was looking to provide housing repairs up to 40k worth for those with less income.


Phillips said they should have a planning review of the whole parking issue. The village can’t continue subdividing lots on 4, 5, 6 Avenue.


Hubbard said he had appointed Citizen Arthur Tasker to the Zoning Board of Appeals.


Talk of a movie theater adventure on 7 to 9 of December, calling it the second annual North Fork TV Festival.


Carpenter Street will be milled on Monday. The curbs and sidewalks are not finished yet.


17 November



21 November - Carpenter Street curb work, Greenport, NY





Hubbard announced a deal had been worked out with Public Service Electric and Gas for a cable from Greenport to Shelter Island. The deal would include a dedicated tie line to the village electric system with automatic switch gear and more money than the original offer.


PSEG would hire an ombudsman to handle any Fifth Street complaints.


The NYSDEC had found that that PSEG would maintain led agency for SEQRA. There was no sense in appealing as the village had been rejected on three criteria.


The payment would be in excess of the 1m that had last been discussed. Hubbard would not disclose the figure as they were still in negotiation.


The board is unanimous in their support of the project.


The project would begin 17 September 2017.


Hubbard called on the audience for comments.


Citizen Allen said she would do the recreation thing for nothing.


Citizen Winkler commended the village board for the time and effort they had put into negotiations with PSEG.


Citizen Tasker pointed out the free scanners were worth the money paid for them.