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17 March 2016 Work Session (Beta Version)


There were 13 people plus 3 reporters in the audience.


Trustee Phillips was in hospital with P neumonia.


Departing Fire Chief Breese reported.


39k and 52k for chiefs’ cars


Former Greenport resident and village employee Richard Hulse would like to have Fort Lawn, South Carolina be gifted the village fire engine being replaced. The Hook and Ladder Company took up a collection to buy the engine for Hulse. Chief Breese said they could sell the fire engine for 3k or for a dollar. The mayor indicated that money collected by the hook and ladder company would be returned to the donors from FD funds.


There will be a wet down of the new fire truck on April 23rd.


Village Administrator Paul Pallase reported.


He noted that he had a cold and took every opportunity to remind the healthy audience of same.


The wetlands application for 24 Sandy Beach Rd is being withdrawn after the Conservation Advisory Committee came up with four items that needed more information.


Pallase and Robins will be attending the spring NYAP meeting.


A feasibility study for replacement of the bulkhead at the park had bids of 64k to 120k. The low bidder was Savik and Murray Consulting Engineers.


(Careful readers will recall that Savik and Murray designed the sewer outfall pipe that failed in a storm.)


A bid for road reconstruction design services for a section of Carpenter Street and a section of South Street was opened with Dvirka and Bartilucci at 26k and H2M at 74k.


Trustee Douglas Roberts said he would like a list of proposed projects so he could see what was bumped off the list in order to accommodate various items.


J R Holzmacher was the low bidder for design work on a new retaining wall at the sewer plant at 19k.


A bid for a new pickup truck with a plow was received for 34,780.


Trustee Doug Roberts said, “at some point we are going to run out of money”.


Oh the irony


Hubbard said there was money left over in the snow budget to cover the new truck.

Pallase said he had brought up the subject of net-metering with the power authority. The power authority is working on a policy and would accept a proposal from the village.


The road department has been working on cleaning up Moores Woods.


(That would be removing trees that have fallen across roads and trails.)


The road department and electric department worked together on removing a large tree that fell on the power lines on Moores Lane.


(Funny thing the various departments always seem to get accolades for working together. Isn’t that there job?)


A chain has broken on one of the aerator treatment units at the sewer plant.


The switch has been made to transformer 1. Now the DMC test on the engines can be performed.


(That statement would lead one to believe that the generators cannot be run when transformer No. 2 is in service.)


Terry Contracting is tightening bolts on the east pier.


The park people would like to have the park buildings stained.


Hilti Fasteners is going to consult with the village on new fasteners for the ice rink walls.


A permit is in hand to operate the summer day care.


Trustee Doug Roberts said he would like to have the children that attend the summer day care get free ice skating lessons.


Code enforcer Ward has restructured his report form.


Roberts asked about sandwich boards.


Julia Robins said a contractor had indicated the screw mechanism for the carousel doors were undersized and were bending which contributed to door closing problems.


Pallase said they were making progress on the carousel doors and they hoped to have at least some of them operative by summer.



Deputy Treasurer Gagen reported.


Joseph O’Byne will become a full time clerk typist in the utility department.



Clerk Pirillo reported.


A check for 363,545 was received for the east-west fire district.


The BID would like to hold a “sidewalk sale” on 7 May.


Pirillo and some play people have been shopping for some playground equipment to go in the Third Street Park. The equipment is for 8 to 12 year olds with a price around 35k. The village would erect the equipment with supervision supplied by Smart Play.


IQM2 will host live streaming of videos of various meetings for 357 per month. The videos would remain available online.


Prokop said something to the effect that Cablevision was involve with hosting at other municipalities.


Trustee Douglas Roberts said the Town of Southold gets paid 100k for using Cablevision.


Prokop said he didn’t know that that was true.


Roberts said a town councilman had told him.


Pirillo said Cablevsion had told her channel 22 was among the least viewed cable channels.


Prokop said the municipalities get a fee when the franchise agreements are renewed.


Pirillo said a new anonymous complaint form was on the village web site.



Village Attorney Prokop reported.


The Zoning Board of Appeals would like to move the ZBA meeting to the third Tuesday of each month because of conflicts with the Board of Fire Wardens on the third Wednesday.


Suffolk County has stepped out of the lease for the three acre MTA property.


Talk of the two lots at the end of Webb Street. Hubbard said a deal would be made with Habitat for Humanities.


Robins said she would like to inspect the property as there was a 5’ drop off at the end of the property.


Roberts asked about revisions to Chapter 150 of the code.



Hubbard called on trustees for reports.


Tag team member Jack Martilotta asked if any of the members had any questions on the Martillota/Roberts report.


Roberts said they were going to handle their report differently this month in the interest of time.


Look, we don’t make this stuff up.


Martillota got something in about scanning documents.


Roberts went on about planning and they could go to the BID if they needed planning help. He would like to hire a planning consultant.


Prokop brought up the LWRP.


Pallase said the state didn’t like the format.


Roberts mentioned Chuck Voorhis saying Voorhis was a friend of a friend.


Prokop said they needed a Harbor Management Plan to complete the LWRP.


Robins said the village deserves some consideration because of the ferry.


Robins said she was talking with someone about hydrogen fuel cell technology


Hubbard said the ferry people and the village people had talked about traffic. Wiggins Street would be returned to two-way traffic.