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21 July 2016 Work Session (Beta Version)


There were nine people in the audience plus two reporters.


Trustee Martilotta was camping out someplace.


Fire Chief Miller reported.


He questioned paving for a RR crossing recently fixed by the LIRR.


The fire department is having trouble getting trucks down Carpenter Street.


They could try one or two smaller fire trucks.


An architect is being hired to make recommendations on reworking the fire house at $175 per hour.


Phillips asked how many times the fire rescue boat was used in the last year or so. No answer on that one.


24 July 2016 - The Village of Greenport Fire/Rescue boat at rest at the visitor's dock. Nobody knows how often it has been used.


Roberts noted that Star Hose didn’t want the village using the fire rescue boat for harbor patrols.


The fire chief said some of the reasoning was that if someone had a heart attack and the patrol person had to go back to get the emergency people the victim might die and the fire department would have explaining to do.


We know, if one life is saved


Chief Miller said he worked on big rigs on the water and was not a fan of the fire rescue boat.


Roberts noted the boat purchased by the village for harbor patrol had cost 9k.


24 July 2016 - The Village of Greenport Harbor Patrol boat captained by Peter Harris.


Phillips noted parking problems on Carpenter Street.




Hubbard noted that Chapter 65 (Fire Prevention and Building Construction) of the village code was still a work in progress. He had to discuss it with the building inspector.


Village Administrator Pallase reported.


He noted that the amount of code enforcement work was down.


(Word on street is that the code enforcement officer quit saying he was not going to work if there was no follow up to citations issued. Ward after getting trained and certified as a code enforcement official is working as needed for the village of Dering Harbor.)


Work is ongoing on the park at Third Street. New equipment will be ordered next week.


Generator Engine No. 4, which has a cracked head, may be back in service in a month.


Enterprise Engine No. 4, Village of Greenport, James I. Monsell Power Plant, Greenport, NY

The engine has a cracked head - cause unknown.



File photo - Enterprise Engine head. If water gets into the cylinder from a leaky gasket or other source a cracked head can occur.


The pump-out boat is not working and in need of parts.


24 July 2016 - Village of Greenport pump-out boat. What the heck, one out of three ain't bad



The camp ground got something or other new.


Phillips talked of expanding the camp ground.


Pallase went over the east sewer expansion thing. The grants are for shovel ready projects as in already designed. Dvirka and Bartilucci Consulting Engineers have put a price on engineering work for just Sandy Beach at 304k and 420k if a sewer line connects via Manhasset Avenue.


The 30k grants are due next Friday. The projects are not shovel ready.



Deputy Treasurer Gafga reported for health problem Treasurer Brandt.


They would like to put out a Request for Proposal for a sewer and water rate study.


The price for sludge at Suffolk County’s Bergen Point treatment plant has gone up and the sludge hauling contractor wants an increase in his rate.


Phillips noted that the Bergen Point plant was going to close to sludge at some point in time.


(Osinski and Kempner put the kibosh on a sludge digesting grant at the time the plant was upgraded.)



Village Clerk Pirillo reported.


New members for the rescue squad


Roberts, Robins and Phillips will be going to a NYCOM conference in a month or so.


The Suffolk County legislature will be holding a meeting in Riverhead on 29 August and people need to attend as promised.


Holzmacher has been given work for study of the retaining wall at the sewer plant and for replacement of the bulkhead in the park.


Philips thought the names of all the people on the various village boards should be placed on the village web site. Roberts liked that idea.


(The whole thing was apparently sparked when someone called up the clerk bitching because the names of a board were not readily available. The village had no such board that the caller was looking for.)


The three bids for the fire chiefs’ Tahoes were all rejected. Two of the bids had a buy deadline in June.



Attorney Prokop pretended to report.


East-West fire district is work.


Local law chapters 103 and 132.


Prokop is coaching the Historical Preservation Commission thought its troubled time of no chairman.


It is time for a contract of sale with Habitat for Humanities for 324 Johnson Court.


Prokop said he was setting up with Southold Town Justice court to do Greenport parking tickets on the first Monday of each month.


He went on to say he came to Greenport on Saturday to see how the parking enforcer was doing. The enforcer looked too busy so he didn’t bother him.



Hubbard called on trustees for reports.


Roberts when on about Chapter 103


(They never say what chapters they are talking about by title. That helps keep the audience uninformed and each other confused.)


Roberts asked if Clarks Beach could be opened.


Hubbard said it can’t be open for swimming without a life guard.


Roberts asked if there would be anything on the agenda next week for PSEG. Hubbard said no.


Roberts went on about the Greenport Ocean race. They would like some special treatment. What was not clearly stated was the special treatment was for a cocktail party on the roof of the dockmaster’s building.


Hubbard said that last year they got virtually free dock space and bitched because there were no tables and chairs.


Roberts said they wanted Hubbard to fire the starting gun for the race. Hubbard said he had not been asked to do that last year joking, “no starting invite no tables and chairs”.


Roberts asked where the village was on road ends. Hubbard said he had inspected them and no boats were tied up.



Robins reported.


The first rounding board painting has been completed.


The BID is whining about sandwich sign boards.


Hubbard noted they had been asked for what they wanted and had not come back with a proposal.


Robins went on to note she was conducting a survey of which businesses want natural gas.


Phillips reported.


She touched on the BID and garbage apparently implying that the BID should pay for part of the service as the “garbage is from their enterprises”.


Phillips went on to say she was for National Grid natural gas.


Phillips would like to make the east side of Carpenter Street No Parking from Bay Avenue south.


She asked if fire pits and the like were legal and if the village should outlaw them. The village code says no burning.


Hubbard told the story of a garage that had been smoldering all night over the weekend. The owners thought the odor must be a fire pit otherwise they would have called the FD. Damage was done to the garage.


Hubbard went on to say there is no open burning in Suffolk County. He noted that properly constructed porcelain fire pits do not cause a problem but metal grate ones allow sparks to fly. He wondered why anyone wanted a fire when it was 90 degrees out.


Paul Pallase remembered to report that the LWRP draft was in and would be made available to the village board.



Hubbard called on the audience for remarks.


Citizen Chatty Allen gave the board what for over drinking at the Dances in the Park event, asking why a local almost gets arrested for a can of beer in a paper bag but open alcohol consumption is allowed at Dances in the Park.


Citizen Swiskey said the 450k price of shovel ready projects for an east sewer expansion was too high and the job needed to be shopped.


Swiskey went on to question how the head on No. 4 generator was cracked asking if the engine had been blow down before the start. Pallase replied they didn’t know why the head had cracked. The engine was just starting up and was not under load. The thinking was that it might have been the turbo charger. Parts are being ordered.


Swiskey said the village could do the sewer and water rate study in house.


Swiskey complained of the 9k price paid for the harbor patrol boat.