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21 January 2016 Work Session (Beta Version)



There were eight people in the audience plus three reporters.


No fire chief. No fire department report.


Curtis Lenard was scheduled to address the village board but was a no show.


Diane Burke the CEO of Suffolk Habitat For Humanity made a presentation to the village board.


They would build a house on Webb Street. The house would be for a family or individual with 40% to 60% of the medium income for Suffolk County. The median income was said to be 105k.


Burke went on for a spell about all the catches involved in the program. A buyer would need a cash down payment as low as 1500.


Burke said they had built 12 houses in the past year.


This should go a long way towards making some do-gooders feel good.


Village Administrator Pallase reported.


Two new hires for the ice rink


Plans for a fire alarm system for the power plant


Replacement of the existing gate at the power plant with a more substantial one.


The American Public Power Association is having a legislative rally in Washington. Pallase would like authorization to attend. He is not sure whether he will be going.


Talk of design work for sections of South, Carpenter and Center Streets.


The concrete slope at the sewer plant is said to be undermined in a spot and they would like to replace the wall which is a concrete hill.


Only one bid for work on the power plant cooling tower. The bid was felt to be too high and the work will be rebid.


Talk about a scarcity of contractors when projects are bid. Phillips said it was because of Tropical Storm Sandy and work in the big city.


The east pier needs to have the existing bolts tightened. Pallase said the pier sways and work needs to be done on the end of the pier each year.


Phillips pointed out that the pier was not designed to accommodate the large boats that are tying up there.


Pallase said the water crew was working on the hydrant list.


The road department was down a truck but ready for the snow storm.


The foaming problem at the sewer plant is being controlled with chlorine.


Concrete pavement at the power plant has been completed.


There is a plan to allow the two incompatible primary transformers to be allowed to operate in parallel for a short period.


The NYSDOS has an updated building code with some drastic changes. Training will have to be scheduled.


Treasurer Bryant reported.


He would like to open an escrow account for the building department to avoid bookkeeping problems with placing money that is refunded in the general account.



Clerk Pirillo reported.


A motion was proposed and approved to authorize hiring Stanley Skreezec and Son to supply a 10 yard dump truck with operator for snow storms.


The Homeland Security people have sent a 16k check for Tropical Storm Sandy.


Public Service Electric and Gas wants to do soil testing at the end of Fifth Street for a possible electric line to Shelter Island. A sonar boat has been taking sounding off the beach.


The village tax sale will be held March 8th.


Various annual bids are being prepared.


Talks are ongoing with Southold Town over Laserfiche . A fee of 600$ would be levied.



Village Attorney Prokop reported.


Prokop is going to Supreme Court over the junk and debris in the Horton yard.


A building code violation was issued and has a court appearance for a home that has been vacated.


Prokop said he had executive session items including litigation and a personnel issue that was not good.



Hubbard ran down code committee activity. The village sent the question of sandwich board signs to the BID for any comments. They had no comments.


The period for coordinated review under SEQR will be expanded from 30 days to 45 days.


The St. Joseph college people are interested in doing a survey of Greenport as part of a regional planning coordination.


They would do a survey of housing in Greenport.


Hubbard brought up the question of board members attending meetings via video conferencing. He would like to set a village policy for all boards.


Martillota asked why would we stop it.


It was said that video conferencing people would not be able to vote.


Roberts went on about video conferencing for a spell.


Prokop said he did not know if video conference people can vote. If they are allowed to vote some of the public’s input is not being seen by the voter.


Robbins said she was not a big supporter.


Phillips said she could see it half and half. She could go along with it for the Planning Board but would have a hard time allowing it for the ZBA.


Roberts said they could broadcast meetings live.



Hubbard called on board members for reports.


Phillips said she had been working on the Laserfiche thing with Martilotta.


Martilotta said they were learning things like paper clips and staples have to be removed before documents can be scanned.


Phillips said something about the Southold Town Transportation Committee and Darrell.


Talk of moving the ferry entrance point off of Third Street.


Phillips asked where State Road 114 is. The state says Third Street. The village allows the ferry people to use Wiggins Street.


Phillips said it was time to move the question forward; it has been talked about for 25 years.


No, it has been talked about for 50 years and 50 years from now they will still be talking about it.


Sarah Phillips and Ian Wild would like to talk to the village board about the maritime museum at the March work session.



Trustee Robins reported.


She went down the agenda for a NYPA conference she and Pallase will be attending.


Robins went on to reiterate that A&M Testing will install equipment to allow the two primary transformers to run in parallel for short periods.


A rundown of the BID elections



Trustees Roberts and Martillota gave their tag team report.


Roberts said he had spoken to the MTA about the long term car parking on the MTA property. He would like to start charging for the parking. The MTA was receptive but wants a plan.


Martillota said he was studying the building department. He noted that it was small and a lot of big projects are coming along. Now is the time to put staff in place to handle the projects before they are introduced.


Martilotta also noted that the building department records are not digitized saying that would help with the work.


The tag went back to Roberts who said a recent heroin overdose had upset him and he would like to do something about heroin problem in Greenport.


This brought a snicker from a member of the audience who during the public comment period said drugs had always been available and been a problem in Greenport. There was nothing new here.


True that


Roberts said he would like to invite Michael’s Hope to give instruction on what to do when someone overdoses on heroin.


Roberts went on to say something about subdivisions that didn’t make a lot of sense.


He finished up saying he would like to see the Bay to Sound Trail.



Mayor Hubbard reported.


The school children will build 20 flower boxes. They need 8k in materials.


Those are going to be some impressive flower boxes.



Hubbard called on the audience for comments.


Allen, Tasker and Saladino all made brief comments about the meeting. Well Allen wasn’t that brief but she made comments.


Next up was Swiskey.


Swiskey said the railroad museum should be paying rent to the village. Don Fisher thundered from the back row that it was not the railroad museum; it was the East End Seaport Foundation Museum. That is why he comes to village meetings to correct comments that mention the railroad museum.


Swiskey went on to say that the two primary transformers should be made to run in parallel all the time not just for a short period.


Swiskey had one or two other items then he started in on the concrete slab that was constructed by Dirt Works. He questioned whether the procurement policy had been followed going on to berate the village board and Pallase for a good spell. Swiskey finally gave it up after everyone had more than enough.


As if Swiskey was not enough next up was Corwin with some crazy idea of the village board asking Keyspan to bring natural gas service into the village. By the time Corwin spoke the village board had had a belly full of input from citizens.


The village board went into executive session.