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18 February 2016 Work Session (Version 1.0)


There were eight people in the audience plus three reporters.

Fire Chief Miller reported.

The fire department wants two new chief’s cars to replace vehicles said to have exceeded their useful lifespan.

Talk of replacing the concrete ramp in front of the fire house with new concrete.

Talk of the Narcan inventory and the need to replace expired units at 500$ a pop.

Clerk Pirillo said there would be a free Narcan training session at the Red Skoolhouse 31 March from 5:30 to 7:30.

Miller asked what the village wanted to do with the fire department’s boat. Hubbard said they wanted to hire a part time (17 ½ hours) code enforcement officer that would have the duties of a bay constable. The village would use the fire department’s boat to see how the scheme worked out and if it was successful the village would outfit a boat of their own.

The fire department boat is a 21’ Privateer and is now stored at the light plant.

Talk of a new fire house with a price tag of 13m.

The mayor called on Colin Ratsey to make a presentation to the village board.

Ratsey owns property at 74494 Main Road and would like to construct an 80’ by 50’ building for stores saying his wife had been on his case about it. He has all Town of Southold approvals and now needs sanitary waste disposal.

Ratsey said his Ratsey Construction business had moved to Albertson’s Lane.

(Careful readers will recall the Ratseygate incident when Ratsey tried to set up remedial work at the old Webb Street dump site with Nyce that would allow him to construct a shop and storage yard on his Main Road property. The property was difficult to develop because of freshwater wetlands issues.)

The clay in the area of the Main Road site makes it difficult to construct onsite sewage disposal systems.

Ratsey proposed to install 1,800’ of buried sewer line pressure pipe that would run from his site to the Polo Grounds and then to the pressure main located on Moores Lane. A lift station would be located on Ratsey’s site.

The village recently installed a pressure sewer line from the light plant to the Moores Lane force main.

The Ratsey project would drill underground from his site to the Polo Grounds then excavate an open trench from the Polo Ground to the force main.

Ratsey estimated the cost at 60k, saying it was worth it to get his wife off his back.

Once the lift station and the pressure sewer line were complete and operating he would give the setup to the village.

Ratsey would not pay the 15k upfront fee the village requires of outside customers. The Ratseyville neighbors would have the opportunity to hookup to the Ratsey lift station and they would pay any upfront fees to the village for the privilege.

Ratsey said he would only need a 2" line for his proposed building but he would install a 3” line and an oversized pump so that others could hookup in the future.


Ratsey would like to install a pump station and sewer line from his Main Road property to the village's force main on Moores Lane.


Ratsey said Moores Woods was all waterlogged because a culvert is clogged and if the culvert was cleaned out the whole woods would drain.


A culvert in Moores Woods

(A dubious claim)

Village Administrator/Superintend of Utilities Pallase reported.

Efforts are ongoing to construct a basement floor coating and an oil separator at the light plant to satisfy Suffolk County Department of Health Services demands.

Pallase wants authorization to go to Washington, DC for NYAPP lobby day. He still has not decided if he will attend.

Hink Electric needs a change order for 9,922$ for old work done on signal cable troubleshooting from the light plant to a transformer enclosure.

Only one application for a 1st class lineman’s job was received. Pallase would like to downgrade the requirement to an apprentice lineman.

The electric load, which is now on transformer No. 2, will be switched to transformer No. 1 on February 26 at 3:00 AM. The transfer will require shutdown of each circuit feeding the village in turn.

(The idea that the recently constructed transformer No. 2 cannot operate in parallel with transformer No. 1 would seem to indicate a major mistake by the design engineer Robert (Bob) Braun of Genesys Engineering, Pelham, NY.)

Transformer No. 1 will be energized Friday to let it warm up as it has been out of service.

The power plant will test run the generators with a date between 1 March and 15 April to make up for last summer’s missed DMAC test and to satisfy this spring’s test.

Plans are coming from an engineer for remedial work as a result of the problems created by Bob Braun and Genesys Engineering, Pelham, NY work.

The usual kudos were handed to the road department for plowing snow.

(No mention was made of all the scunned trees on Front Street and the broken window in the Red Skoolhouse.)

At this point Trustee Douglas Roberts said something to the effect that he wanted any extra help hired for snow removal operations to be screened so that the village board was not hiring relatives.


(This was a direct attack on Trustee Phillips.)

Phillips replied that her son was the only one that heeded the call for extra help and that he had aided snow cleanups before, that the rate of pay was 12$/hr and it cost her money in her business when her son was not at his fish market job.

Pallase went on to say there had been troubles with the transformer at the hospital. The problem was found to be branches on the electric line in the vicinity of the communications tower.

The ice rink has not been working out well with the variable weather. A contractor is going to make recommendations to increase efficiency.

Talk of life guards

Talk shifted to the building department. Roberts asked about all the open cases in the code enforcement official’s report.

The attorney sort of ran down the list highlighting a couple of the cases. The attorney said he didn’t know the cases by the numbers (addresses) he only knew them by name.

The attorney said the case for 629 Main Street was scheduled in court for Friday.

Most cases start out as an Order to Remedy. If that does not bring results a summons to Southold Justice Court may be issued. The person cited can get several dismissals just by calling up the court.

Treasurer Brandt reported.

Brandt wants permission to put sewer and water arrears on tax bills.

Public hearings for the budget on 14 April at 6:00 PM in the Red Skoolhouse and again on 28 April at the regular meeting.

The cost of verbatim minutes has gone way up as the meetings have grown much longer in length.

(That would be on Trustee Douglas Roberts.)

A software update for utility billings that will allow the village to add their own account numbers

Talk of emailing bills

Roberts suggested that fines from the court might be put on tax bills. Brandt explained to Roberts that it doesn’t work that way.

Village Clerk Pirillo reported.

Michelle Schott is resigning from the code committee as member at large.

A revamped village web site with a building department section that is said to be more user friendly.

FEMA is sending the village another check for tropical storm Sandy reimbursement for 65,622$.

Custer Institute gave a lecture in the park last year. Now some sort of NASA person would like to give some sort of lecture in the park.

Village Attorney Prokop reported.

A public hearing for code chapter 61 Environmental Quality Review

A public hearing for chapter 132 Parking for new handicap parking spots

The village will be getting some revenue for Southold Town Police tickets written for expired registrations and inspection tickets written in the village.

Chapter 65 Building Construction needs some work which would require a public hearing.

An opinion on accepting a bid for a new ambulance

Some sort of work on the marina operation contract with Adventure Treks.

PSE&G and site access at the end of Fifth Street

Revisions to code chapter 112 for dumpster permits

Streamlining the agenda for the ZBA

Talk of Kyle Colin as a consultant for the application for a restaurant and hotel at Front and Third Streets

Roberts said the village had some big planning and zoning challenges coming.

Roberts asked about some title reports for properties on Webb Street he wants Habitat for Humanity to take over and build on. Saying now that the title reports were done could we just get started on letting Habitat for Humanity build two house.


(They were not title reports but copies of deeds registered in the county clerk's office that Roberts had somehow gotten his hands on.)

Prokop said the properties didn’t necessarily have clear title.

Hubbard said one of the title searchs was for property the village owns on the north side of Webb Street.


(Who had obtained the deeds and why they were both not the lots wanted was not made clear.)

A lengthy discussion deteriorated into another Roberts attack on Phillips with Roberts claiming Prokop and Phillips had some sort of secret conversations.

Prokop finally responded that no one had secret conversations.

(At this point we will have to make an observation that Roberts was effectively bullying the whole village board and the attorney with some minor response from Phillips.)



Deeds were wanted for lots 1 and 3. Apparently a deed was obtained for lot 1 for VoG 1




SCTM No. 1001-2-4-3   311 Johnson Court



SCTM No. 1001-2-4-1  324 Johnson Court


Hubbard went over unfinished business.

There will be a wetlands hearing for a Townsend Manor Inn bulkhead on 25 February.

The question of sandwich boards was kicked around a little with Hubbard suggesting a letter to all the business owners indicating the sign law would be enforced.

Mooring Stakes for a few small boats at the end of Brown Street.



File photo of boats moored at the end of Brown Street with no permits

Hubbard said they needed to regulate sandwich boards or not.

Robins said the restaurants were pushing tables and chairs onto the sidewalk.

Hubbard said he wanted to let the owners know they were going to enforce the village code.

Roberts asked about a dock at the end of Bridge Street. Phillips said it was used as a baymen’s dock at one time.

Hubbard brought up short term (AirBnB) rentals asking what they should do on that issue. The discussion went no place.

Hubbard called on trustees for reports.

Trustee Martillota started for the Martillota/Roberts tag team.

New work has started on the document scanner project connection.

Martillota said there were a lot of steps to scanning documents, that it wasn’t as easy as he had thought.

Martillota tagged off to Trustee Doug Roberts who set up a demonstration for the village board of how easy it was to webcast meetings. Roberts turned his laptop camera on and Martillota showed the live video of Roberts on the screen of a smart phone.

(There was no mention of how much work went into getting the webcast demo set up.)

Phillips jumped into the ring saying verbatim minutes had cost 84k over the past two years. The clerk’s I2MQ application could webcast and record the meetings for an additional 2,225 per month over the money the village is presenting paying I2MQ.

Hubbard asked if the I2MQ could be searched.

Cost numbers and applications were thrown around for about an hour.

A tardy referee Hubbard finally said, “Let’s try web casting for six months”.

Roberts said he would like a Moores Woods trail preservation committee. Liz Smith would be on the committee.

He would like to have people work on cleaning up the trail Memorial Day after the parade.

Roberts wants more money for Dances in the Park.

Roberts said Sister Marguerite had put the idea of a soccer league in his head. He would like to form a soccer league for Greenport. Hubbard said the village did not supply funds for the softball league that played in Greenport. Roberts replied that he had businesses lined up that would contribute money.

Trustee Robins reported on her trip upstate for the NYAAP annual meeting. She gave a dramatic telling of the security to get into the NYISO operations center and the screen they monitor power lines with.

Robins said that 7% of Greenport’s power comes from Niagara Falls.

Robins gave her usual rundown of BID activities.

Next on the card was a report from a battered Phillips.

She would like to see two part-time traffic control people hired for the summer.

Phillips would like to make the bottom of lower Main Street and of First Street a No Loading Zone from 9 to 5 during the summer.

LOL, (sorry) Hubbard asked where the money is coming from.

(A question he has not asked of any of Roberts’ proposals.)

Phillips said we need to do something about the loading and traffic congestion in those areas.

Hubbard said to get a map to show what she wanted to do.

The final event on the card was Mayor Hubbard’s report.

The Institute for Attainable Homes of St. John’s University wants to do a housing study in Greenport.

Roberts said it was free housing research.

Chris Dowling has resigned from the Planning Board.

Hubbard said he had the names of eight people that would fill the position. He had tried to get an architect or an engineer to fill the position on the Planning Board but anyone he contacted wanted no part of it.

Walter Gezari of Stidd systems would like to tear down the old Cooper fish processing plant, replace the bulkhead and build a Stidd Systems expansion unit on the site. The new unit would mean ten new jobs added to the employees Stidd now has in Greenport.

Gezari would like to have a helicopter landing spot on the site so that he could fly from his plant in Calverton to Greenport and land there in his helicopter.


Hubbard said Walter Gezari would like to tear down Cooper's fish processing plant, rebuild the bulkhead, construct a new building and add a helicopter landing site.

Hubbard threw a value on the new plant of 20m.

If Gezari doesn’t get his Greenport plant he is going to purchase Mattituck Air Base and locate the plant there.

Hubbard called on the weary audience for comments.

Citizen Chatty Allen was first up. Allen lit into Roberts for his attacks on Phillips saying she doesn’t like attacks and when Roberts went off on Phillips she wanted to smack him upside the head. "You want credit for everything – you want it all your way."

Sadly we have to agree with Allen’s assessment of the situation.

Next up was Citizen Saladino.

Saladino asked about the East End Seaport Museum and the rent thing. Don Fisher immediately woke up at the mention of the seaport museum and thundered that is why he was here to make sure the seaport museum and the railroad museum were not confused. He then went back to sleep.


Saladino asked why the fire department needed two new rigs. After the usual explanations he quipped, "I know, if one life is saved".

Citizen Swiskey jumped into the ring and asked the same question about the EESM

Roberts said the EESM wanted to provide in kind services in lieu of rent.

(The “in kind services” would consist of an educational program for children and an occasional ride in a sailboat from Shelter Island. Remember we don’t make this stuff up.)

Swiskey claimed that tree trimming for electric lines was not being done.

Swiskey said he had FOILed for any report on the 100 hour investigation the village administrator had done on the Corwin/Pollack complaints about mistakes the building inspector had made on several applications and properties. He had been told there was no report other than what the mayor had verbally reported a couple of months ago.

(Hubbard said they were using colored tabs on files to help organize things.)

Last up was Citizen Corwin. He asked if there was any movement on his request that the village board contact Keyspan and try to get natural gas into the village. Hubbard said that Keyspan had put a tee at Moores Lane. Corwin said, “so you are blowing my request off”. Hubbard said no.

The meeting ended at 10:45.