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Greenport, Long Island, New York


15 December 2016 Work Session (Beta Version)



There were six people in the audience plus one reporter.


Trustee Robins was absent partying with her mother.


Fire Chief Miller reported.


Talk of a generator for the radio tower location. The police are planning a generator for the location at the water tower but had not informed the chief.


Hoses were tested



Village administrator Pallase reported.


The annual meeting of the NYAPP in Albany January 18,19


A second new compressor has been installed at the ice rink. Four compressors are running as they start to make ice.



The ice rink is starting up



No mention of holes in the bulkhead



Or the never ending work to bandaid them



The sprinkler system hookup has been completed for the American Legion Hall.


A fire and CO alarm system has been completed at the power plant.


A site meeting has been set up for cooling tower work.


50k worth of  parking tickets have been issued.


Roberts said that if the village is pulling in 100k from downtown it would be good to spend the money there. Maybe they could get a grant writer.


(The assessed value of the village is 2/3 residential and 1/3 commercial.)



Treasurer Bryant reported.


He would like to have a budget change for a 19k computer upgrade.


(Highly unreliable sources say the computer system has been hacked by Africans. Someone opened a malicious email that installed ransomwear on the computer system. The email system has been down for weeks, much data has been lost.)



Clerk Pirillo reported.


Brewer’s Yacht Yard has submitted a wetlands permit.


There will be interviews for a clerk/typist Dec 28, 29.


Attorney Prokop reported.


A first draft of an easement agreement for the 5th Street cable has been received.


Surveying work will be done on 5th Street in preparation for the cable.


Habitat for Humanities is talking about combing two pieces of property off Webb Street.


The question of the village charging the ferry people for use of village roads has been sent to the Department of the Attorney General. Prokop asked for an informal opinion saying it would only take two months as opposed to a formal opinion that would take much longer.


Prokop said a Southold Town traffic court session had 50 Greenport items on the agenda. Twenty-nine people plead not guilty.


Prokop praised the traffic control officer saying he was well prepared.



Hubbard called on the trustees for reports.


Martillota said he was working on his calendar. The work had expanded from two weeks to six weeks.


Roberts said he wanted to get set up for his a capella concert.


The Town of Southold is proceeding on phase II of the Bay to Sound thing. John Stepnoski will make a presentation to the village.


Roberts is concerned about vehicle traffic and has found the Regional Planning Association and Suffolk County IDA may be interested in supporting study.


The One Greenport group met in Roberts’ home. They have a mission statement to help the immigrant community. One third of the village population is latin people. They are talking about a cultural festival with food and music.


The mayor’s letter about sandwich signs has helped solve the problem. Now Roberts would like to start on dumpsters on the sidewalk.


Roberts asked if the manager of the camp ground was able to write a grant request for the camp site. He was told no.


A sailing program for youth


Roberts would like to put out an RFP for management of the Dances in the Park event. One of the bands had complained to him that another band got paid more than they did.


Hubbard said they might end up with bands they didn’t want.


The discussion about a management contractor for Dances in the Park went on for a long time to nowhere.



Phillips reported.


Bunkers have been schooling in Stirling Creek. She said it was possible that the creek could have a fish die off.


The Atlantic Fishers Council has been asked for a bigger quota for commercial fishermen.


Phillips would like to have the Peconic Land Trust come to the January meeting to explain how they are going to let people walk through the old Mobil property.


Pallase said they were going to let people walk around the property not through it.


The Southampton Hampton Jitney lot charges 7$ per day for parking. The village should look into charging for parking in the Hampton Jitney lot.


There were complaints the holiday decorations were not coordinated.


An RFP for a planner for housing in the downtown district



Hubbard reported.


The Firefighter has gone to Rhode Island for bottom work. It will be spending 1.5 to 2 months in Rhode Island.


Tree talk


Frank Field is looking to do something with his train set. Talks are ongoing about finding a place for it in the village.


Peter Jacquet has resigned from the Planning Board.


The village board went into executive session to discuss a contract.