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21 April 2016 Work Session (Beta Version)


There were 12 people in the audience plus two reporters.


Assistant Fire Chiefs Jimenez and Winegart reported for the fire department.


Talk of purchasing two new Chevrolet Tahoe chiefs' vehicles.


The NFPA requires all firefighters to have an annual physical. It has been past practice to let this requirement slide. Firefighters will be required to have yearly physical examinations



24 April - Fire fighters must get yearly physical examinations



Clerk Pirillo reported for village administrator Paul Pallase who is attending a NYAPP meeting in Saratoga Springs.


Jef Goubeaud resigned from his position as marina manager on 13 April effective 13 may.


(Word on the street is that Goubeaud quit to go to work as dock manager at Brewer’s Yacht yard.)


The village will advertise and begin interviewing for a replacement.


VHB is doing work on a harbor management plan to try to finish the LWRP.


The only bid for a fire alarm system for the power plant was Banker Electric at 118k.


Hubbard would like to reject the bid and try again to get at least two prices.


Bids on cooling pool work for the power plant will be opened Friday.



Bids on the cooling pools are due Friday. Let's hope the the cooling equipment makes out better than the transformer.



Plans are ongoing for new park equipment from Landscape Structures with assembly to be done by the road crew.



24 April -  Mid afternoon - New playground equipment is on the way for 8 to 12 year olds. The kids must all be home using their electronic gear. Note the gentleman on the extreme right at the picnic table Roberts wanted to get rid of.



The sewer collection system was cleaned in March. There are problems with the accumulation of grease from all the restaurants with inadequate grease traps.



File photo - A little problem with grease at the lower Main Street pump station



Work on the governor on power plant engine No. 4 is complete.


(Governor problems on Engine No. 4 have been ongoing.)


Peconic Landing sent a check for hookup fees for the second part of their expansion.


The usual problems finding lifeguards for Al Herzog Park



Village Clerk Pirillo reported.


Several mass assembly permit applications including: the library with ice cream in the park for kids, the lacrosse people and the Hellenic American Taxpayers Association of Southold Town.


The lacrosse event is becoming overcrowded. Southold Town Police Chief Flatley said the police will be writing tickets for improperly parked cars.


(The lacrosse event is on skool grounds with the village okaying parking on the old fireman’s race track.)


Cablevision is charging the village $625 per month for cable internet connections to various village facilities and the skool.


Web casting of village meetings will begin next month.


Phillips asked about coordinated review requirement for the SAKD project for the proposed shop/restaurant/hotel complex on the corner of Front and Third Streets.



Treasurer Brandt reported.


New park benches for Larry Tuthill Park and Mitchell Park.



Village Attorney Prokop reported.


He needs an executive session meeting for litigation with Genesys.


Something about code enforcement actions in Southold Town Justice Court.


Three actions are set for trial.


The town might have 100 actions in the court while the village will have only 3 to 30 actions.


Prokop has spoken to a county attorney about 324 Johnson Court. The county real estate attorney reviewed the original agreement and said it is okay to proceed with the Habitat for Humanities project.



Mayor Hubbard reported.


The audit committee meeting centered around prices from new accounting services for the account work needed by the village.


Seven companies have submitted prices for the general and sewer fund audits.


Three companies have submitted prices for the electric department audit with prices from 7.5k to 34k.


Phillips noted that BST did 40 out of 48 municipal electric audits for NYPA customers.


Hubbard said he agreed to use BST for the upcoming audit but after that he would like to try a new company.



Hubbard called on the trustees for reports.


Trustee Martilotta led off for the Martilotta/Roberts team.


An engineer had looked at the bearings for the carousel doors.


Something to the effect that the bearing were not big enough and set on concrete.


Scanning is ongoing.


(Scanning old documents did not prove to be as easy as Martilotta and Roberts thought it was going to be.)


The fitness trail in Moores Woods needs a lot of work.



24 April - Trustee Martilotta made an inspection of the trail saying there was a lot of work to do and the first thing to do was to close the trail off.



Trustee Martilotta said there was a lot of work to do including fill



And clearing the road, there is a lot of work



A vernal pond in Moores Woods. Best not to do any filling without DEC approval.





Martilotta was apparently on the red trail. The fitness track was on the east side of Moores Lane







A remnant of the fitness track



Watch out for deer ticks if you use the fitness track




The expanded schedule for Dances in the Park is being shrunk with the thinking now to get better bands. The better bands attracted larger crowds last year.


Talk of hiring some sort of grant writer.


Talk of a capital budget.


Roberts said he would like to have 20k in the budget for a grant writer that would do 500 hours at $40 per hour, acknowledging that he was just making up numbers.


Roberts suggested that maybe they could pay a grant writer based on a percentage of any grants procured.


Talk of the farmer’s market with farmer Lara McNeil.


Roberts bought up the fence question which was raised by a Front Street resident at the last regular meeting when his fence was not approved after a 2 to 2 ZBA vote. The fence question went nowhere.


The St. Joseph College housing survey is complete and a presentation will have to be set up for a Tuesday night. The surveyors did 120 surveys partly based on questions the board of trustees had cooked up when asked what to ask.


Talk of letting the company that bid to use the taxi stand occupy it. Hubbard said he had inquired with NYCOM and was told all had to have access to the taxi stand it could not be just one company.


Roberts mentioned the ZBA and the Planning Board. Apparently Roberts had been told the Planning Board wanted a sketch of the layout for his office. He said the village board should be giving direction to the ZBA and the Planning Board. All the village needs is to issue a building permit.



Trustee Roberts was not happy when the Planning Board asked for a floor plan for his new office



Talk of apartments over businesses.



Trustee Phillips reported.


Phillips said there were checks and balances and it was not the village board’s place to tell the various boards what to do other than to legislate the code.


Phillips reported on the Southold Town Traffic Committee saying that traffic on the east end is maxed out.



Hubbard called on the audience for input.


Stirling Historical Society President Gail Horton told of a spring musical program on 4 June and an oyster talk on 30 April.


Citizen Allen said no fences in front yards should be higher than four feet.



Citizen Saladino asked where all the cars would park if all the business building in Greenport had apartments on upper floors.


Citizen Swiskey asked why the electricity had gone out for two hours. When Hubbard started talking switches and a generator start up Swiskey started about what switches switched what.