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18 August 2016 Work Session (Beta Version)



There were seven people plus two reporters in the audience.


Fire Chief Miller reported.


The air conditioning system in the meeting room is old and is not able to keep up with all the hot air in the room.


The air conditioning system in the meeting room is old and worn out. Not to worry winter is coming.


Mayor Hubbard brought up three scheduled public hearings.


One for a Tuthill swimming pool has been tabled because of the death of the applicant.


The second one was for making Wiggins Street no parking year round.


Citizen Diane Waldon, out of order,  said she would like to be heard on the issue. Hubbard allowed the Wiggins’ Street resident to voice her concerns. She does not want her on-street parking taken away year round saying at this time the ferry line is working fine.


There was the usual futile discussion on parking.


Trustee Phillips suggested making the no parking from April 1st to October 31st.


The question of changes to the rental code chapter was discussed.


Phillips said she would like to hear some public comments.


The hearing will be held open until September.


Phillips asked if there were any complaints about short term rentals. Hubbard said there had been three.


Trustee Roberts said he had complaints from village residents who can’t find a place to live.


Village Administrator Pallase reported.


Work has been done on parking signs, playground equipment and on the skate park.


New playground equipment at Third Street Park. The kids are going to have a helluva good time with that little loader. Still no wifi to get them out of their bedrooms in the first place.


Lawn mowing on a Saturday morning. To an uninformed observer it sure looks like the road department is abusing OT and has no supervision.


Phillips asked about the concrete slope retaining wall at the sewer plant. Pallase replied that it was not a danger and an engineer was working on a plan for it.


The DMC test is scheduled for tomorrow. Unit No. 4 is scheduled to start repair work Monday.


A new self-closing gate at the power plant is complete.


A new building code will take effect in October.


476 parking tickets have been written to the tune of 16k


Roberts noted that the TCO had given out tickets for expired inspections. He had not seen any chalk on tires used and he would rather see time enforcement.


Hubbard said if he had written a ticket for an expired registration they usually had a ticket for something else too.


Roberts said he should focus on parking in short term spots.


Hubbard said he was told not to mark tires as business people will get annoyed.


He also noted that Sag Harbor had three people  giving out tickets.


He is trying to do parking enforcement in a friendly way.


The pump-out boat and west dock pump-out machine have been repaired.


A contractor looked at the boardwalk lights west of the park. Talk of having plug in lights that can be removed during high tide events.




That will work.




Treasurer Brandt reported.


The meter reader was behind. He worked on weekends. Meanwhile the part time meter reader was sitting idle.


Work is progressing on the carousel doors. The warp gear drive is being re-engineered.




Clerk Pirillo reported.


A tree committee list has been prepared for trees that need trimming, removal or grinding.


A wetlands permit hearing will be held at the September meeting for a dike around the ELIH building.


ELIH's dike came to a hault about half finished when someone decided the operation needed a wetlands permit. A public hearing will be held in September.


There are 900 people on a civil service list for clerk for the various boards. The list is being canvassed 100 at a time.


Someone would like a filming permit on Sunday form 12-5 They want to film for bicyclists on Main Street and Carpenter Street.


The filming would be done with hand held cameras for a reality show.


Hubbard asked if the trustees wanted to allow the filming on short notice. They replied two in favor and two opposed. Hubbard canned the filming venture.



Village attorney Prokop gave his report.


He ran down the tax certiorari scam saying the decisions couldn’t be budgeted for.


Prokop went on about classifications for properties saying the village should tell the town when a property has a use that should be assessed differently as in rental property.


The Habitat for Humanity project is ready to go.


Prokop said he met with Greg the TCO. He is very active. It is amazing to watch him.



Phillips reported.


She brought up garbage pickup saying she had received complaints about garbage. She would like to have a discussion about garbage with the business district. Business owner’s garbage has been found in village cans along with food products.


The IGA parking lot is a problem as grocery shoppers can’t find a parking space.


Phillips went on to discuss the problem of traffic on Main Street in front of the Lipman Block. She suggested making Main Street one-way from Central Avenue to Bay Avenue.


Phillips suggested making this section of Main Street one-way. The board went along with the joke and discussed it along with citizen's comments for about 45 minutes.


Robins reported.


Four rounding boards have been completed and are being photographed.


There was no BID meeting to discuss.


Roberts reported.


Professor Hiddy of Stony Brook University was doing research on short term rentals. Tenants are hard to track down.


Roberts would like to email survey short term rental people and make nice pie charts.


A traffic circle for the intersection of SR 25 and CR 48


Garbage cans in Mattituck compact with solar energy.


Greenport Ocean race is set for October 1st.


The paving of the RR crossing on Sixth Street


Roberts does not like the job the LIRR made of their crossing on Sixth Street. He wants it paved so the ride isn't so rough.

Yeah, we can't see a problem either.


Martillota reported he got a lot of emails while he was off soldiering.


A fledgling Greenport Film Festival.



Hubbard reported.


A 350k grant is leftover from a ferry service grant for the east pier at the marina. The federal money is administered by the state and they would like to get the money off their books. The money could be used to study the proposed operationof the ferry queue south of Wiggins Street by a citizen Brookhaven physicist.



Hubbard called on the audience for comments.


Citizen Chatty Allen noted the taxi stand did not get used and suggested removing it.


Citizen Chatty suggested that the taxi stand should be removed as no one ever uses it.


Citizen Corwin questioned making Main Street one-way and noted that if Citizen Swiskey’s idea of parking spaces marked out for small cars was used the traffic problem would be solved.


Citizen Corwin suggested that the Bill Swiskey idea of marking out smaller spaces for small cars would relieve the congestion in this section of Main Street.


The village board went into executive session to discuss employment and contracts.



We don't make any of this stuff up.