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17 December 2015 Work Session (Beta Version)



There were six people in the audience plus two reporters.


The regular meeting will be held Monday, 28 December.


Fire Chief Breese reported. Three new members are lined up for the fire department.


The fire department secretary has been fired for not showing up. Warden James Kalan has assumed the duties of the secretary on a temporary basis.


The fire department would like to install a split rail fence around the fire department grass area.


(Central americna immigrant children use the area for soccer. Unknown if this had anything to do with the fence proposal.)


Breese asked about a new antenna. He was informed by Hubbard that it was in the attorney’s hands now.



Village Administrator Paul Pallase reported.


Pallase proposed a bid for a lighting upgrade of the east Adams Street parking lot.


The bid would be the enactment of a Suffolk County grant that has lain idle for years. The new lights would be 250 watt LED type luminaries. The county grant is for 67k with the village paying 22k plus work. The existing luminaries would be replaced on poles on Front and Main Streets with some new poles installed on Main Street.


Pallase would like to apply to the NYSDEC for a pilot asset management program for the sewage treatment plant. The program would involve the inventorying of plant equipment with no cost to the village other than the staff time to inventory and enter data.


Request for authorization to attend NYAPP January meeting


Kalmar Nyckel tall ship might stop by the harbor for a five day visit. No time was given.


The sewage plant drying bed proposal is being canned after inquiring how other users made out. No one liked it; four users were asked some are abandoning the system.


(Swiskey told them so. Roberts suggested seeing how other people had made out.)


New fuel pumps have been installed. They are now in a training period.


New fuel pumps have been put into service. This is one of the longest running projects in Village of Greenport public works history.



The temporary tanks used for fueling while the massive new fuel tank public works project was underway. Note the new muffler for engine No. 6. The top is angled to keep rain water out. It is angled to the east the one direction you could count on windblown water entering from.



Pump No. 1 at the central pump station has been reinstalled.


The various work departments are said to be working together more, if sometimes grudgingly, on projects like tree trimming.


The building department has processed 260 rental permits. Whether that is 260 rental units or 260 structures was not made clear.


The ice rink has not been started as it needs cold weather to make ice.


25 December 2015 - Waiting for cold weahter


A temporary shroud has been installed between the intake and exhaust air vents on the refrigeration equipment to keep the heated exhaust air from returning to the intake vent.


A temporary shroud to keep exiting hot air from going into the intake at the ice rink refrigeration plant.


Roberts asked if Pallase had gotten the code enforcement person to work weekend hours. Pallase said he could work on that.


The village is trying to hire a first class lineman. Linemen are in short supply and most are not qualified as first class.



Deputy Treasurer Steven Gafga reported for absent Treasurer Brandt.


No budget modifications.



Village Clerk Pirillo reported.


Bids have been requested for a ten wheel and a ten yard truck with operator to plow snow.


NYCOM meeting for 7-9 February


Two laserfitch scanners can be borrowed from the town to scan archival documents.


A discussion of the village web site and making it easier to use


Talk of 24 hour complaint service


Talk of finding an information technology person and putting salary in the budget for 2016-2017



Hubbard ran down finance and code committee meetings.


Zoning chapter 150 of the village code was discussed with no consensus.


Sandwich sign boards were discussed with the mayor saying letters would be sent out notifying business owners that the village would start enforcing the local sign law as it relates to sandwich boards..



The attorney arrived late as he had a skool event or some such thing.


The attorney bragged that he was spending two mornings a week in village hall.


Talk of a Suffolk County Municipal Alliance and possible mandates.


Litigation on the house across from village hall is proceeding. There is alleged hording there.


The village had taken Donna Horton to court for hoarding.





An overcrowding condition on Center Street is being pursued.


The sign says, "Notice of Revocation of Certificate of Occupancy".



 Acreage     0.09

 Skopelitis, Steven
3600 Wells Ave
Southold, NY 11971


Mason Ole is still being pursued in Supreme Court.




A lawsuit against Robert (Bob) Braun and Genesys Engineering , Pelham, NY is almost ready to be filed. The attorney needs additional information before filing.



Hubbard called on trustees for reports.


Martilotta said he was working with the building department and saw ways to improve it.


We will leave this one alone as way to easy.


Roberts said he had spoken with the Institute for Attainable Homes


He had spoken to St. Joseph College about doing a study.


He would like to have Habitat for Humanity build a house on Webb Street. The village would sell the lot to Habitat for $1.


After orchestrating a delightful taxi stand in Greenport Trustee Roberts is ready to move onto bigger things with Habituate for Humanity on Webb Street.


Phillips said the village had acquired the Web Street house 10 years ago and was supposed to do something with it in three years. Nothing was done so Suffolk County may take the house back.


Trustee Phillips reported the Webb Street house may have reverted back to Suffolk County.


Robins ran down her BID adventures.


Phillips ran down some Southold Town Transportation Committee adventures.


The maritime museum people should meet with the village about a new agreement.


Hubbard said Greenport High Skool shop class was going to build 18 new planters for the village.


FEMA has reimbursed the village 164k for tropical storm Sandy.


The village board went into executive session.