18 Nov 04 - It was reported that the concrete subcontractor for Lo Ducca Construction went belly up.  Lo Ducca indicates this is not the case.  No explanation is given for the glacial pace of work on the mist pond.


23 June 04 - On 13 May the unofficial site ran a picture of the newly created drainage ponds off Third Street with the caption "Doug Peterson's Worst Nightmare.  We were wrong.  The ponds are not Peterson's worst nightmare, the picture below is.





15 Dec 02 - In an unconfirmed report on 6 Dec it was implied that the cast iron sewer force main at the intersection of First and Front Street was broken when Bi-County plumbers installed a water valve.  It appears that the sewer pipe break was the result of differential settlement caused by activity near the the cast iron sewer pipe which was originally installed through a manhole.