Bits and Pieces




8 September 2016 -- Engine No. 4 was reported to have been reassembled and started. White smoke was pouring out of the stack.

2 September 2016 -- All the heads on engine No. 4 at the power plant were removed. The block is said to be cracked. The road crew is helping dismantle the engine.

January 07 -- Southold Town supervisor Russell has indicated that Southold Town may purchase Clarks Beach.


2 December 06 -- The Floyd Memorial Library was robbed of laptops, DVDs and tapes by a Hispanic male.


20 October 06 -- The Village of Greenport electric system was down for an hour and a half Friday morning.  A spokesman was not available to explain the outage as the Village of Greenport's new high tech phone system only works when the power is on.  The problem was in the connection between the LIPA substation west of Chapel Lane and the Greenport power plant.  The village has four redundant lines between the LIPA substation and the Greenport power plant.

Highly unreliable sources say the outage originated with the circuit being tripped inside the LIPA substation.  Why it took an hour and a half to reconnect a circuit breaker is not known.

Village crews worked to correct the failure switching all the switches they had.  Power plant operator Robert Harvey had just left for his first vacation in ten years.  Sources say Harvey's vacation has been ruined upon learning of the news.


3 March 06 - The Village of Greenport has been served with court documents relating to the old Sand Piper restaurant property (where the old school house is now located).  The property was not properly taken.  The village never paid the owner for the property.


8 March 05 - A hooligan went on a breaking and entering/vandalism spree early this week breaking into the Sterling Deli, Harbofront Deli and Desiderios among other places.


15 February 05 - Kapell had his clerk knock Edwards and Wiggins off the village election ballot because of mistakes in their Independent Nominating Petitions


1 April 04 - Harry Nobody Can Pronounce His Last Name, of Mastic Beach, the Village of Greenport's former new lineman, and army of one, quit after one week on the job.


2 April 03 - Vandals wrote "DUMP KAPELL" in the wet sidewalk concrete in front of Port O Pizza.  Southold Town Police have been called in to investigate.


18 December 02 - A woman on South Street opened her house door to a knock.  A black woman sprayed the resident in the face with a substance and stole her wallet.  Southold Town police got lucky and apprehended the perpetrator shortly after the incident.


15 November 02 - A fire started in the new Harborfront Deli about 9:30 PM Thursday.  The fire was said to have started upstairs from a cigarette.  The restaurant is a non smoking establishment.


1 Sept 02 - Citizens located at the corner of Webb Street and Second Street were awakened early Sunday morning when a black male, in the process of burglarizing the house, entered their bedroom and woke them.  The incident was apparently related to a hit and run that occurred on Fifth Avenue shortly before the burglary.  Police suspect alcohol and drugs are involved in the incident.


2 Feb 02 - The drug people arrested last week were all turned loose on low bale or on their own recognizance by Southold Town Justice Court.  The joint effort by the Suffolk County Probation Department, the Southold Town Police, and the East End Drug Task Force appears to have been an exercise to show they could throw drug people in jail if they want to, they just can't keep them there.  The various charges appear to have been relatively minor in nature.


One drug person had 17 police types enter his house to search it.  The most serious charge seems to be against a drug person who had crack rocks bagged as if for sale.


Police say it is difficult to enter the closed circle of drug people and make arrests.


28 Jan 02 - Several Greenport drug people were arrested in a village wide crackdown Friday night.  One kingpin has been released on $35,000 bail while another languishes in the Riverhead jail unable to make bale.


25 Jan 02 - Three black youths stole a wallet from a female at the bus stop on First Street.


25 Dec 01 - A Lakeside Garden apartments resident was arrested on drug related charges shortly before Christmas.  The arrest was by the East End Drug Task Force.  A citizen arrested for burglary is said to have given the drug person up in return for lenient treatment.  The drug person is out on bale.


29 Nov 01 - The Southold newspaper, The Travesty, reports that reliable sources say Claudio's Restaurant is under contract for sale and could change hands soon.  Highly unreliable sources say this is not true.  The restaurant is on the real estate market.  The owners have talked to people.  No one wants to come up with the asking price.


19 Nov 01 - The sculpture on the end of the dock at Greenport Yacht and Shipbuilding has returned to its home in Southold permanently.


26 Oct 01 - The New York State Comptrollers office is auditing the Village of Greenport in what appears to be a routine audit.  One highly unreliable source indicates the audit date was moved up to investigate a questionable interfund transfer.


28 Sept 01 - The vandalism referred to in the recent Rumor Mill entry included damage to a sailboat moored at the end of Sixth Street.  The boat belongs to a former village employee who left village employment on less than sterling terms with the mayor.  The vandalism included two incidents: the removal of the mooring anchor and the loosening of the stays on the sailboat mast causing the mast to fall.


21 Feb - The Village Clerk's office opened bids for the metal building at the corner of Third Street and Front Street.  The low bid was tied between the Town of Shelter Island and Ned Horroun at $2,500.

The clerk's office opened bids for a 50' by 50' piece of the property.  The apparent high bidder was Jerry Tuthill at $90,050.  The next high bidder was David Schiff at $56,000.


20 Feb 01 - The Village Clerk's office opened bids for the Ludlum Place/ Sterling Avenue HUD infrastructure improvements project.  The apparent low bidder was PSL Industries of Ronkonkoma with a bid of $432,119.  The second low bidder was Bove Industries with a bid of $504,667.  The engineers estimate was around 300k.  The project will have to be examined in an attempt to make the bid cost fit the budget cost.


11 Aug - The Village of Greenport, under attorney Ungerleider's guidance, lost the arbitration proceeding brought against Tromel Construction for the contract on the Rec Center building.  Arbitrator Frank Muller awarded Tromel $41,382.  The next case due for arbitration is the Floyd Memorial Library vs. Tromel Construction.


25 June - Fish Express on Sterling Avenue has closed its doors and moved to Massachusetts.


8 June - A daring daytime burglar is loose on the streets of Greenport.  He broke into at least two homes.  Wednesday he broke into a home while the owner was at work, stole money and ate a bowl of cereal.  Southold Town Police are on the case.  Sources are sketchy on details.


26 May - An anonymous source supplied this one.


Kapell and Capt. Dave Brenner, of the Peconic Star, got in a nose to nose shouting match over Brenner's lease for docking at the Mitchell Dock at a Chamber of Commerce meeting.  Brenner did not have a signed lease and apparently thought he did.  Brenner called Kapell the nest day to apologize.


9 May - There was another rash of car break-ins in Greenport last night.


A high speed automobile chase at 4:00 AM resulted in the apprehension of a female from Rocky Point on Front Street.  The chase included units from Riverhead, the State Police and Southold Town.


Sources attribute the nefarious activity to abnormally hot weather.


27 April - There were riots in Guatemala over a 6 1/2 cent increase in the bus fare.


24 April - Several cars in the greater Greenport area were broken into last night.  Reports say at least six incidents were reported to the police.  Not all incidents were reported.


24 March - Veteran Suffering Times reporter Tim Wacker, who covered Greenport, is leaving the paper.


11 Jan - Kapell sent out a letter to village employees informing them that it is a good time to sell their houses.  Soothsayers are still trying to divine the meaning of the letter.


11 Dec - (Working) A woman driving North on Carpenter Street made a left turn onto Case Street heading West.  The woman failed to negotiate the turn and ended up crashing into the rear of the house on the Southeast corner of Main Street and Carpenter Street.  The woman hit the propane gas tanks on the North side of the house.  The woman then left the scene heading North on Main Street.  The car came to rest on the West side of Main Street on the lawn of the Methodist Church.  Fireman closed off traffic, removed the propane tanks and cut the woman out of the car.


5 Nov –  A raucous birthday party, held at a home on Third Street, turned into a donnybrook early Saturday morning. Fisticuffs broke out at about 2:30 AM. At least one firearm was brandished. Southold Town Police called in State Police complete with a K-9 unit for reinforcements. Sources say the fighting burst out of the house onto the street with arms and fists flying helter-skelter. The scene was likened to a television program.

A least one arrest was made. 


A Cathy Smith was arrested for a firearms related charge. Sources say she was holding a pistol for a friend.


The fight appears to be part of an ongoing feud between the Shelbys and the Smiths.


6 Nov – (Working) Police congregated on a Ludlam Place apartment Saturday morning to make an arrest. Several police officers surrounded the house, including an officer with a shotgun. The occupants of the apartment were evacuated. The suspect evaded police by climbing into the attic of an adjoining apartment. The suspect was apprehended when he fell through the sheetrock of the ceiling of the next door apartment. Sources liken the operation to the Cops television program.


18 Oct - Trustee George Hubbard had a stroke Saturday and is in the hospital.


12 Oct - Village Clerk Hallock is in the hospital with meningitis.  She is expected to be out of work for an extended period of time.


25 Sept - Vandals broke the sink in the newly opened restroom at the Shelter Island Ferry Terminal.  The cost of the damage was estimated at $200.  The restroom just underwent extensive renovation after being closed for years because of vandalism.


13 Sept - The Floyd Memorial Library has purchased the Gebhart house, south of the library, for $167,500.


9 Sept - Bergen Point Dockbuilding was stopped from working at Mitchell Park, by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, when some dirt was pushed over the existing bulkhead into Greenport Harbor.  Bergen Point must install a silt screen before doing more work on the bulkhead.


12 Aug - The office shed at the skate park was burglarized for $60 Wednesday night.  A Central Ave. residence was also burglarized.


30 July - A ticking sound inside the car of a resident of the 600 block of Main Street caused the resident to call the Southold Town Police around 9:00 PM.  Southold Town Police called in the Suffolk County Police bomb squad who investigated.  No bomb was found.  The incident lasted about three hours. 

 Diesel No. 6 still down as LIPA calls on V of G for electric generation.  The cause of the problem has not been determined.


29 July - Diesel generator No. 6 failed Thursday evening while generating to help LIPA handle the electrical load caused by high heat.  The cause of the failure is not known at this time. 

Village utility workers, understaffed to begin with, have been exhausted by the resent high heat electrical problems.


14 July - A soda and snack concession at Fifth Street Beach, run by the Village of Greenport, was broken into during the night and items stolen from the cache.


8 June - It is so hot the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) called up the Village of Greenport's power plant to generate electricity.  On Tuesday Greenport's diesel electric generators No. 5 and No. 6 were online.


6 June - The Southold Town Police have begun enforcing the Village of Greenport's ordinance against carrying an open alcoholic beverage container on the street.


2 June - A movie patron left the Village Cinema at about 9:15 PM to find his '86 blue Oldsmobile stolen.


2 June - Cindy and Marvin culminated a day of argument with fisticuffs in front of Mr. Roberts at about 7:30 PM.


20 May - A crack-head freaked out on the porch of a house located at the intersection of First Street and North Street.  The part time residents were not home.  The crack-head broke a window to gain entry to the house.   In the process of gaining entry he cut himself and bled all over the interior of the house.  Police were summoned by neighbors and the crack-head was arrested.  Taut and the clean-up crew had to be called in to clean up the mess.


17 May - Clerk/Treasure Lorna Catus has resigned effective 1 June.  She will be replaced by Kapell secretary Christie Hallock.


1 May - A woman's purse was snatched Friday evening in front of Mr. Roberts.  The purse contained over $1,000.


9 Feb - Petitioners for a trustee line on the 16 March General Election include: Jamie Mills, Ben Burns and Keith Sweat.  Sweat's original petition contained a fatal errors and he had to recirculate the petition to have it accepted by the clerk.


2 Feb - Three skate board enthusiasts stole a car and abandoned it behind the skate park.  They also stole Steve Clark's car and were found on the causeway at Nassau Point.  The trio was arrested for grand larceny.  They are suspected as the culprits in a series of car break-ins and robberies that have occurred over the past two months, primarily in the area of 4th, 5th and 6th Street.


3 Dec - Four additional abandoned underground fuel tanks were found  in Mitchell Park during an investigation by the NYSDEC.  The investigation took place Tuesday and used ground penetrating radar.


29 Nov - A young man fell off a bicycle while doing tricks and severely cut his head at the skate park around 7:30 PM.  The man was not from the Greenport area.  This brings the total of serious injuries at the skate park to at least five.  Injuries have included a broken wrist, a broken elbow, knocked out teeth and head injuries.


24 Nov - The Empire gas station on Main Street was robbed at gunpoint Tuesday night.  About $750 was taken.  A police dog and a helicopter were called to the scene.  The robber was not apprehended. 


23 Nov - A construction business on Fifth Street had $1,500 worth of tools stolen over the weekend.  Two people were arrested in conjunction with the burglary.


21 Nov - A young man with the last name of Lawrence was arrested for the theft of computers from several business.  The businesses robbed included the Townsend Manor, an annex building at ELI Hospital, Hanh Realty, and Williams & Co.  The thief broke windows to gain entry and made off with computers.  Some of the computers were sold to local residents.


21 Nov - A youth with a broken elbow was taken from the skate park to the hospital by the rescue squad.


24 Oct - Colonial Drugs was broken into Friday night.  Entry was gained through a small window that was broken.  Police responded to a burglar alarm and apprehended the burglar as he was leaving the site.


24 Oct - An elderly disabled woman, who lives on Second Street, was robbed in her home on Thursday night.  The robber gained entry to the house through a window that was  not locked.  The house was entered while the woman was home.  The robber confronted the woman and knocked the telephone from her hand.  A gold chain was taken.  Police used a dog to search for the culprit who was later arrested. 


18 Oct (working) – Southold Town Police converged in force on Third Street Park about 5:00 PM Sunday afternoon. 

An incident developed when three Southold Town Police officers attempted to arrest Kevin Crenshaw near the park.  Accounts differ as to what happened when the arrest was made.  Apparently Crenshaw raised his hands and said, "You're not going to arrest me".  A Southold Town Police officer hit Crenshaw over the head with a flashlight.  Crenshaw fell to the ground with a large gash in his head. 

The incident prompted threats to the officer from observers in the park, including threats to his family.  Seven police cars, including State Police, responded when it was thought that a police officer had been hurt.  The officer was told to leave the scene of the incident, as the crowd became loud and threatening.  Crenshaw was taken to the hospital. 


18 Sept - Mr. Paris Stachtiaris, the owner of the Sandpiper Ice Cream Parlor, has confessed to brutally pruning the Pear trees on lower Main Street.   Stachtiaris's attorney Carmela Borrelli wrote a letter saying that he didn't know he could not prune the trees.  The evidence from the barbaric act, which occurred in the middle of the night, was found behind the Sandpiper Shop.  A Southold Town detective paid Stachtiaris a visit.  Stachtiaris was fingered by a youth who worked in lower Main Street area and must remain anonymous for obvious reasons.


12 Aug - The State Supreme court has handed down a ruling in the Moores Lane Development Corp. (Pheasant Run) v Suffolk County Water Authority and The Village of Greenport.  The village must return all of the remaining Moores Lane Development back bone or up front money and the water authority must hook up the remaining units.  There are 41 units remaining to be hooked up to the water system.


1 Aug - The New York Times reports that the mayor of Glen Cove, Thomas Suozzi, had offered the Regina Maris a new home.  The Times quotes Suozzi as saying, "It would be a tragedy if this historic vessel were taken out to sea and scuttled simply because she is too old."  "We would like to bring the ship here and make her a part of out $280 million waterfront revitalization." 

Kapell is quoted as saying a Danish firm may invest money in saving the ship.  "This presents a possible solution that I could embrace."  "I continue to hope the ship will stay here." 

The mayor of Glen Cove said, "We're ready, ready, willing and able to do what it takes to save this important maritime treasure should efforts by Greenport fail."


27 July - The Greenport Fire Department was called out to a fire two blocks outside of the incorporated Village of Greenport early this evening.  The fire was in a house on Bailey Ave. just off Champlain Pl.  The house was gutted.  Three children and their mother escaped the fire. The fire was apparently started by the children. The Suffolk County Arson Squad was called to the scene.  Several firemen were overcome with bee stings and smoke.  The injured firemen were taken to the hospital.


25 July - Water Taxi operator Bob Lehman was arrested Saturday after violating two orders of protection.  He showed up at the Sterling Harbor Marina where Kapell's son Mat works and at Claudio's dock.  Police arrested him and placed him in the town lockup.


18 July - One of the exchange students from Romania feel ill and was taken to Eastern Long Island Hospital and then to Stony Brook University Hospital.  The young lady apparently had heart problems.  She has been discharged from the hospital.


25 May - Kapell is attempting to negotiate with Kontokosta to purchase the old Bohack property for $750,000.


21 Apr - Southold Town Police have made an arrest in the Southold Taxi robbery case.  The black male arrested goes by the name TJ Watkins.  He is on probation for another crime.  He will be arraigned Wednesday in Southold Town Court.  TJ's accomplish is said to be a 12 year old.


8 Apr - The Village Clerk will be served with the first lawsuit over Water Department Up-Front fees on Friday or Monday.  The developer of Pheasant Run is looking to force the Village to supply water services to new construction.  It is not about the money, it is about the hookup of new units with water.


1 Apr - Two black males robbed the Southold Taxi at around 10:00 PM.  The holdup took place on Bay Ave.  A sawed-off shotgun type firearm was used.


21 Mar - Two black males with a firearm robbed the Chinese Restaurant at around 10:00 PM.  They took about $200.  Because the restaurant employees speak little english a good description of the robbers was not available to police.


17 Mar - One of the condominiums at Sterling Cove was burglarized in the middle of the afternoon Monday, 16 Mar.  Everything of value but the television was cleaned out.


13 Mar - Supervisor Cochran canceled the meeting between the Village of Greenport and the Southold Town Board scheduled for Monday, 16 March.  The reason given was that two of the Town Board couldn't attend the meeting. 


11 Mar - Kapell and Cochran met to set up an agenda for the scheduled joint meeting of the Village of Greenport Trustees and the Southold Town Board.  Kapell told Cochran that he would walk out of the meeting if the Town didn't agree to pay him the $80,000 he says the Town owes the Village from the Scavenger Waste Treatment Plant.



25 Feb - Trustee Hubbard's truck (Pop-Pop Did It) was recovered in Riverhead last night.  The truck was taken by a George Trent.  The vehicle was not trashed.


24 Feb - Trustee Hubbard just got back from Florida.  His truck was stolen Tuesday while it was parked on North St.  Hubbard was in Village Hall  while the truck was taken.


5 Feb - Kapell and Company hold a press conference today to announce that Steinway is giving the Village of Greenport a grand piano on "permanent loan".  The piano will probably be placed in the Floyd Memorial Library.


26 Jan - Kapell and Company held a secret meeting with members of the Greenport American Legion.  The meeting was to offer to purchase the American Legion Hall.  Not all members of the Legion members  that were present were enthusiastic about the sale of the building to the village.